8 tips for caring for kitchen knives

Kitchen knives are essential pieces to make precise cuts in food. For a chef they are the most important utensils, so they pay special attention when choosing the most appropriate ones.

Kitchen cutlery

There are different types of knives, such as the damascus steel switchblades, the ham holder, for carpaccio or salmon, for bread and the so-called chef’s knife, used to cut onions and vegetables. It is essential to have a knife for each use.

It should be noted that an investment in quality utensils will save you in the long run. While, for its correct conservation, there are several recommendations to follow that will help your kitchen cutlery last for years.

Here are 8 tips to extend the life of your knives.

Tips for caring for kitchen knives

  1. You have to keep them sharp. This means that you need to sharpen them frequently. Regularly, the edge of some