How to style a blazer

One can style a blazer by incorporating it into a formal look or letting it be the statement piece in your outfit. Additionally, with the right fanny pack, one can create a more casual-formal look when wearing a blazer. When shopping for a blazer, one can use w concept review section to help provide some insight when shopping. Additionally, this blog aims to provide some insight into the top trending blazers, how to make a blazer more casual and how to accessorize a blazer.  

Top 5 trending blazers of 2022 for women

Although one may not have a plethora of blazers within their closet if you want to upgrade your blazer selection, the following five blazers are coming into trend this year. Firstly is a unique choice which is corduroy blazers, they are especially perfect for winter. Secondly is a denim blazer. With denim being the most on-trend fabric …