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As a place where you spend your time working, making a simple office space design more attractive is one way to increase productivity. No need for anything complicated or magnificent to bring the dream office. Minimalist office space can look elegant with just a few touches.

If you want to renovate an office, do not hesitate to ask for advice to those who are experts in their field, one of the renovation services experienced in renovating offices is

Here are tips for renovating the office to be more comfortable and enthusiastic about working

1. Flow and Layout

An office is a place for several employees to go back and forth. Occasional relations occur with employees with superiors, with clients and colleagues from other offices. Considering that a lot of people are moving around in the office, it is good to pay attention to the good flow of the flow to minimize the chance of colliding between people, for example between two partitions or moving from one room to another.

Try not to make winding streams. Except troublesome, there is a risk of collisions between employees, space also looks cramped and inefficient. These steps can also facilitate the placement of air conditioners.

2. Efficient Interior Design

Use furniture that makes it easy to store files, place computer devices, printers, and telephones. Much equipments can be made multifunctional, for example, book racks or storage cabinets as well as space partition.

Partition height is suitable to facilitate controlling and communication between employees. If you want to make space more privacy and require high concentration, the partition can be connected to the glass a little higher.

Make a cable channel hidden in the corner of the floor or one between the sidewalls of the room with certain elements covered, so that there are no disturbing cables on the floor or visible above. Branching channels should not be very long and winding.

3. Unique Comfortable Attractive Appearance

Office space should not be crammed with tables, chairs, and cupboards in the form of boxes. That will cause the situation to become stiff and monotonous.

Offices that have attractiveness and comfort are the desires of all office workers. That situation can be created by designing office equipment and other interior elements. Use equipment that is unique but still effective, such as curved shapes on tables and chairs.

Adding beautiful wall decorations such as paintings, photos with unique frames, flowers and colorful wallpapers can also make panoramas more interesting and less tedious.

Lighting in the office is so important. If you do not benefit from the position of the room near the window to get less sunlight, it can be overcome by painting a colored room and the placement of the right lamp.


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