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Living in a tropical country with abundant sunlight makes us not have to bother sunbathing on the beach to feel the warmth of the sun and get its benefits, things like this should be grateful. Instead of cursing if the sun starts to sting, it’s better to read the article below, so you know that sunlight has a myriad of benefits! For more information, you can contact

1. Sunlight is good for skin health

Research shows, skin that is exposed to sunlight regularly is lower affected by the risk of fungal skin infections than skin that is rarely exposed to sunlight, this is because fungi and microbes are easier to grow in moist environments. Even the ancient Romans used sun exposure therapy as an alternative treatment for scurvy and other fungal skin infections.

2. Sunlight is used to treat skin diseases

The abundant UVA content found in sunlight can be used as a treatment of Vitiligo or a disease that attacks pigment-producing cells in the skin. UVA therapy is also used in people with autoimmune diseases, where sufferers will experience hypersensitive skin. UV light therapy from the sun is also used for the treatment of Lupus vulgaris (cutaneous tuberculosis), which is an ulcer disease that on average eats away the face and neck of the patient. Even the World Health Organization recommends UV radiation therapy to treat eczema, acne, jaundice, and psoriasis, of course with the supervision of doctors and medical experts in their fields.

3. Sunlight makes skin youthful

Regular exposure to sunlight has been proven to widen blood vessel tissue in the skin, thereby promoting blood circulation. Smooth blood circulation will make the skin look more radiant because oxygen is spread throughout the body evenly.

Also, sunlight can stimulate the production of vitamin D in the body which not only helps the absorption of calcium for bones but also helps in the process of skin rejuvenation, so we need to move outdoors, for example by exercising. Exercising outdoors gives us many advantages, not only for healthier and more youthful skin but also for better cardiovascular and cardiovascular health.

4. Sunlight makes your beautiful aura more out

In addition to providing benefits to help stimulate the production of vitamin D in the body, direct exposure to sunlight in the body can help the body produce more hormones that play a role in increasing happiness and quality of sleep. Namely the hormones serotonin and melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps improve sleep patterns and prevents people from getting insomnia while serotonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body as an anti-depressant, and is used by the body to improve mood and reduce sadness and depression. This hormone plays a role in managing mood better.

Research shows that in addition to food, drugs and outdoor activities under sun exposure is also an effective way to increase serotonin levels because the body will absorb vitamin D from the sun and manage it for the formation of these hormones. With enough sleep and a cheerful heart, happier feelings and a more awake mood, your aura of beauty will also radiate out more. You agree, right?

5. The adverse effects of sunlight can be overcome by using the right sunscreen

Even though it has many benefits, many people are still afraid and uncomfortable if they have to linger long exposure to sunlight, because, in addition to containing many benefits, exposure to sunlight can also bring adverse effects if we do not do it wisely, for example too long under sun exposure or exposure to the sun at inappropriate hours, at 11-2 noon for example.

Worse yet if you forget to use sunscreen when outdoors activities. But, now there are many sunscreens on the market, now this sunscreen or sunscreen contains SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to filter out the sunlight that will be absorbed by your skin starting from the levels of 15{48606d96a79ba485795111d1412e465c32f97934f13be797f9e7df01886c3091} to 125{48606d96a79ba485795111d1412e465c32f97934f13be797f9e7df01886c3091} as needed, sunscreen products available on the market also varies, ranging from water-resistant to the repair complex, so that you can simultaneously take care of your skin health. Don’t forget to apply this magical object 20-30 minutes before leaving the room!

So, are you sure you are still afraid of sun exposure?


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