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Studying in class certainly has become a daily menu for the teachers and students at school. As the main facilitator in the class, the teacher plays an important role in making this daily menu always fresh, interesting, and not boring. Therefore, the presentation of material in new and fun ways can be one of the factors to determine the outcome of the teaching and learning process in class. Also, for classroom furniture, you need to choose the school furniture manufacturers who can provide quality school furniture so students can learn comfortably and safely.

With a pleasant classroom atmosphere, students will enjoy their learning activities without feeling depressed. Then, how do you make the class not boring and make it fun? Come on, we see the secret!

  1. Create a different atmosphere of the room

Most of the students’ sitting positions in school are the same, namely the teacher in front and the student chairs arranged in a row to form a square. This method is studied as an ineffective method because the learning process occurs only in one direction (the teacher conveys and the student listens). To make the classroom atmosphere more pleasant, try rearranging classrooms such as the position of tables and chairs that are circular. So, the teacher’s position is in the middle and students can see the teacher better.

You can also try the mobile teaching method. When learning mathematics, for example, the teacher can really go down to help students explain the use of formulas and so on. This can help students relax more and create an atmosphere that they are indeed learning with the teacher, not just taught or patronized.

  • Increase interaction with ideas

Full attention can also be obtained from provoking opinions, discussions or debating arguments between students and teachers. Indeed, not all children can freely express their ideas. Now as a teacher, here is the role of Mr./Mrs. Teachers to believe in the ability of each child and spur them to dare to think, and appreciate whatever they express.

This method can train children to learn to listen to others, the courage to talk and be more open to differences of opinion. This is very important for them because it will become a provision when interacting with others, be it with friends, teachers, parents or the community in general.

  • Take advantage of technology

Just explaining by writing on the board can be outdated, you know. The use of technology can help teachers create an active and fresh atmosphere in the classroom. Use laptops, internet, and projectors to turn textbook study material into audiovisuals. If you want it easier, the teacher can directly show the video in the study room in accordance with the material being conveyed. With a good and interesting presentation, the focus of the child will be more focused on the material presented.

  • Have a humorous nature

Which student doesn’t like a fun teacher? To increase their enthusiasm, it is important for the teacher to give fresh humor in the midst of the teaching being given. Not only that but the humorous nature possessed by a teacher can also have the effect of closeness between students and teachers, you know. The more students feel close to the teacher, then what is conveyed by the teacher will also be more easily absorbed by them.

  • Give equal attention to all children

Sometimes teachers will be more inclined to pay attention to students who are smart and active in the classroom. Children who remain silent in class will usually find it difficult to get the opportunity to express ideas or actualize themselves in class. So, it is often said to be the “most” child in the class, be it the smartest, the latest, the most beautiful, the naughty, and so on. Because by being the “most” then the child will be noticed by the teacher.

As a teacher, in fact, it has been his duty to find the superior seeds that exist in each child. Believe that every child has different talents and potential. That way, every child will feel they have the opportunity to prove themselves and make the class lively and enjoyable.

Creating a pleasant classroom atmosphere isn’t difficult right? If students can learn with pleasure and relax of course the results they will get are also better and more effective. Don’t stop to explore fun teaching styles. Mr./Mrs. Teachers can easily get inspiration from applications such as study rooms. Discussion of material through animated videos, along with exercises and summaries are proven to make children not get bored quickly when learning, you know. So, don’t forget to recommend a study room for students to make learning easy.


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