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Natural fibers that are known to man thousands of years ago. Silk is a legend that does not want to endlessly talked about. We may have heard of long trade routes from and out of mainland China through the long desert where people know him alongside ‘Silk Road’. Silk is a symbol of splendor, tenderness, & everything associated with beauty.

Silk is made of a certain type of caterpillar cocoon. Because of that silk is classified as a natural material. Most materials of clothes or yarns that come from nature have the advantage along with its high water absorption. when judged from the numbers 1 to 10, so the silk gets a value of 9 for that ability. It is only lost with a wool that has the highest water absorption of all natural fiber materials. This high water absorbency can make us comfortable wearing it. Because our sweat water can be simultaneously absorbed by silk.


Another characteristic is ‘brightness’. Silk inclines are brilliant or reflect light. This nature makes every shirt made of silk look sparkling & ‘luxurious’. The nature of this brightness which is imitated by humans to be made synthetic yarn, which we know as polyester. However, although polyester want to imitate the nature of this silk, people can continue to choose silk than polyester. For more information you can visit Papilio Prints

Another advantage is its strength & flexibility. If compared with all natural fibers arguably silk has the highest ability. Certainly also pay attention to the mass of its kind. Being slim & lightweight, the fabric of silk may be pitted for capability & flexibility. Definitely not to compare silk with synthetic fibers. Due to almost all synthetic fibers have the ability & flexibility who do not want to be defeated by natural fibers.


It’s just from all the advantages, silk still has weaknesses. The prime is as much as being limited because it can not be mass produced.

There is one main suggestion in watching for you who have silk fabric: Do not Get Hassle or Hydro chlorite bleaching agent which is oxidant.


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