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In the diet formula, consumption of low-fat foods and high-fiber snacks is something that must be done to maintain ideal body weight.

Now, while for fat-rich foods, it looks like you have to start rethinking. The reason is, not all fats are bad. Even some high-fat foods are recommended for consumption because they can maximize the diet program.

Coconut oil

If you still use palm oil, switch to coconut oil from now on. This is because coconut oil (virgin coconut oil) contains natural saturated fats that are easily digested by the body, are effective at boosting the amount of good cholesterol, and are proven to be effective in maintaining heart health.

Interestingly, coconut oil is also rich in antioxidants and has an active anti-inflammatory role.

Olive oil

Not much different from coconut oil, olive oil is also very good for heart health. Apart from containing vitamin E which is good for the skin, the use of olive oil in your daily diet is proven to be effective in reducing the risk of heart attack and preventing obesity.

But remember, you should not use olive oil for frying, because this oil is only suitable for sauteing or a salad flavor enhancer.


Many dieters are afraid of avocados because of their fat content. In fact, this fruit is very good for consumption because it contains saturated fat to reduce bad cholesterol levels, increase good cholesterol levels, contains folate, protein and vitamin E.

Avocado is perfect for consumption as a healthy snack. But remember, make sure you eat avocado without added sugar!


Foods with omega-3 fatty acids are the best food for the brain, maximize the diet program, prevent heart disease and others. You can get sources of omega-3 from salmon, sardines, walnuts and others.

In addition, there are many other high-fat foods that you should still consume. But specifically for red meat, you should limit your consumption.

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