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Various benefits of lavender oil for your hair

Essential oils are often used for treatment or care. One type is lavender oil from lavender oil at In Essence, comes from lavender plants that were previously carried out by the distillation process and used as extracts. Also, to relieve migraines or freshen the air, lavender oil is known in hair care. What are the benefits of lavender oil for hair?

Just like other body parts, the hair also requires a lot of nutrition. If you have a bad hair condition, this can be caused by many things. Lack of nutrients needed by hair is the most common cause. Incompatibility of product use and wrong hair care techniques can also cause this condition. Also, poor hair condition can be associated with several illnesses to stress.

To overcome this, you can use lavender oil on your hair as a form of treatment. Here are the benefits of lavender oil …


Accommodation is one of the most important things when we are visiting someplace. Various types of accommodation can be a place to stay for a stopover such as Hotel, Hostel or Homestay. you don’t need to spend a high budget, but most importantly the accommodation provides comfort and the location is quite strategic close to the attractions. Well, if you have a plan to visit Bangkok then choose the Bangkok city center hotel like Hotel Ibis Styles Bangkok Ratchada. 

In this hotel, you can enjoy all the facilities of the best 3-star hotel but with a reasonably priced price. 

Located in a strategic location that is at Ratchadaphisek Road No. 212, Huai Khwang District, Bangkok City. 

The Hotel offers a variety of free facilities that can be enjoyed by guests such as swimming pool, fitness center, jacuzzi, sauna, sports court, and many others. The hotel features have a restaurant that …

Luxury wedding at Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach

It is right by Kamala Beach at 118 Moo 3, Kamala, Kathu, Phuket. Located next to the white sands of Kamala Bay, Novotel Phuket Kamala is directly facing the Andaman sea. Kamala Beach hotels is a hidden paradise ready to welcome couples with friendly service and visitors can enjoy everything to do with unparalleled luxury, serenity and Thai elegance. The Resort has a lovely setting amidst the lush gardens where visitors will appreciate the services offering private boutique properties. Visitors can discover the beauty of the stunning blue waters of the Andaman Sea, white sands of Kamala Beach and sunset views, Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach welcomes visitors to an unforgettable stay. It has many luxurious rooms and the resort is also close to Phuket Fanta sea. Recreational facilities include an outdoor pool and a sports club. The Villa also features a full-service spa and a poolside bar.

It is one …

Careful! 7 Of These Things Can Cause Water Pipe Congestion at Home

The water pipe in the house can become jammed even though you feel you have taken care of it properly. Maybe there is a mistake that you do not know about, professional services can be a good alternative for you so you do not have to bother fixing a blocked water pipe. Established plumbing companies offering Melbourne plumbing maintenance services can help you overcome these problems.

The main causes of pipe blockages are objects that often interact with waterways in the home every day. From hair to used food and oil, here are 7 things that can cause blocked water pipes.

1. Hair

The bathroom is often the location where strands of hair are found. One or two things are still not a problem. But if it has piled up and entered the waterways, that’s where you encounter the risk of a house water pipe jam. Because the fall of …

What You Need to Do & Avoid When Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Why can we be so angry when we find the presence of cockroaches at home? This is considered reasonable because most people describe cockroaches as unsightly and disgusting pests because of their dirty habits and foul odors. Cockroaches are a type of pest that can be a problem for every homeowner. Once they feel comfortable in your home, it is possible to raise standards in controlling cockroach problems. This is because cockroaches tend to hide in places that are difficult to reach by you. Also, female cockroaches reproduce quickly, to avoid that, all you need is to call a pest control service, pest control Brisbane. If you have Pest Control problems anywhere, just immediately visit the Pest Control Brisbane at

Also, most homeowners will consider implementing a cockroach pest control method independently (do it yourself) without using the help of a professional cockroach exterminator service at home. Therefore, …

Saving Wedding Preparations Starting with the Wedding Decoration Rental Price

Since, the beginning of deciding to get married, making preparations do not need to wait for the certainty of the wedding date, even when you have just done an engagement procession, looking for references about the party to be made while saving for the wedding. Starting from discussing with the couple about, choosing a wedding tent, wedding concept, venue, wedding theme colors, and several other things. For wedding tents, you can rent a tent at having a party. having a party is the best Wedding Marquee Hire Melbourne rental service.

So, once the date is set, you and your partner already know which vendor to go to and how much the estimated cost you and your partner will spend. Shorten the time together with savings that are ready to be used for marriage!

However, before knowing the average wedding decoration rental prices and other wedding vendors’ rental prices, the first …

Types of Hotels

The hotel has various meanings, depending on the opinions and habits of each person. According to various sources that are packed together, a hotel is a building that is rented or owned by someone or an institution that wants to use all or part of the accommodation, food and beverage services, entertainment, to business.

Hotels can be divided into several types, namely based on the location of the hotel is located, based on the star or class, type of guests who stay, length of stay, the purpose of visit, duration of operation, and ownership. The following will explain the type or type of hotel in several categories.

Hotel type based on location

Resort hotels are hotels that are close to tourist destinations that are usually rented out to people who want to vacation. Resort hotels can be further divided into several subcategories, namely:

  •  are hotels built near the beach which

5 Tips on Choosing a Hotel for a More Exciting Family Vacation!

A holiday is coming! It’s time to engage your child to go out of the town or abroad. But staycation in the hotel inside the city is not a problem. Many alternative holidays can be chosen. Vacation with children will feel more pleasurable when the hotel you choose is also child-friendly.

The Novotel Patong Hotel offers various facilities ranging from swimming pools to playgrounds for kids. With this complete facilities, your child will certainly feel enjoy staying at the hotel. Novotel’s staff who are enjoying with the children will be able to deal more with them.

Well, here are some tips that can be considered to choose a suitable hotel for a family vacation!

1. Swimming Pool

“Is there any swimming pool?” That is the child’s question when we are going to book a hotel for a vacation. Usually, children will be delighted if the hotel has a swimming pool.…

Dining table decorating Tips for party events

Do you need an idea about dining table decorations for a party? Just relax, in this article, you will not only find the dining table decorating tips But recommendations for items that should be available for dining table decorations.

Everyone would want to be a festive and memorable party, one of which is to decorate the dining table with the right design. The proper placement of furniture and cutlery can make the dining table very beautiful, a place that will always be remembered all the time. You also must use table hire Sydney that provides the best party tables as Absolute Party hire.

Dining table decorating Tips for party events

One of the most popular designs and often used as a decorating concept is contemporary design. You can find some dining table decorating tips for party events with contemporary design.

Garden Nuance

One very interesting concept, when applied to the …

Things You Need To do, Before Renting a Boat

The most pleasant thing that can be done to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Phuket is to rent a boat and sail wherever we want. The Andaman Sea is a popular sea because of its beauty to match the seas commonly seen on television screens. Of course, this is a good opportunity to do it while in Phuket.

To enjoy the beauty of the beach in Phuket, you can rent a boat at Yacht Sourcing, Yacht Sourcing is the largest charter agent that provides Yacht Hire Thailand Services. There are two types of vessels offered by this trusted agent. The first type is the Bare boats. This boat is a boat without a motorbike and no crew. Everything moves in the direction of the wind. With this type of boat, visitors can feel more privacy while enjoying views of the sea with family. Here is also offered the option …