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There are many choices of business promotion tools, one of which is signage. Signage can be placed outside or inside outlets, front offices or service offices, malls and also at activity or exhibition stands. With various sizes, signage can be filled with complete promotional content and with attractive signage designs. Signage is a favorite promotional tool for large companies to small businesses. Do you also use signage for promotion? If you need the best expert for signage, you can visit

As technology advances, signage as a promotional tool is now printed with digital printing techniques so that the design of signage and information in signage looks clearly and attractive. Signage is available in vertical and portrait.

Meanwhile, in terms of size, there are various signage sizes that you can make. Starting from the size of 25 x 40 cm, 60 x 120 cm, 80 x 180 cm, even up to the size of 150 x 200 cm. There is also mini size signage ranging from 26 x 38 cm or even smaller sizes. This mini signage size is usually to be placed on a restaurant table or service table. Whatever the shape, type and size, signage has the same benefits. Here are 3 benefits of signage for promotion:

Display Complete and Attractive Promotional Content

If your business is actively promoting new products or special discounts, then use signage to display these promos more attractively. You can create attractive signage designs with the help of experienced graphic designers. To the signage design, add information about the ongoing promo.

The appeal of visual signage is also supported by increasingly sophisticated digital printing technology. Even complicated colors and signage designs can be displayed on signage with this technology. The manufacturing process is fairly fast and the production costs are quite economical making signage can be used by small to large scale businesses. With the presence of attractive signage around your stand or booth, consumers will be hooked and promo content highlighted through signage will be clearly visible.

Flexible and Efficient

Signposts are generally made of aluminum pipe. These support poles are lightweight enough to be easily moved. You can place it at the entrance, in one corner near the window, in front of the outlet or shop, indoors and outdoors.

Because it is easy to move, this signage will save you promotional costs. For example, when there are exhibition activities, you can place signage in the booth area. Later when the exhibition is finished, you can bring the signage back to the office or outlet. Practical, right?

Besides being easily movable, signage support poles can be used repeatedly. In other words, you can create signage with new promotional content and still use the same support poles.

Increase Brand Awareness

In running a business, brand awareness is important to consider. Brand awareness is the ability of consumers to remember or recognize brands that consist of names, logos and tag lines used by a product or service. Brand awareness encourages people to buy your product or service and continue to buy it.

One way to increase brand awareness is to use the product name, logo and tag line consistently on a variety of business promotion tools, including on signage. Interesting promotional content that is equipped with a product name, logo and tagline will make consumers familiar with your products.

Placement of signage in a strategic position, easily visible and bypassed many people will make more people read promotional messages and products being promoted. Offline promotion using signage like this is still a mainstay to boost brand awareness quickly.


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