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Pay Per Call Marketing and Its Advantages

Today, there are more in excess of a billion smartphones worldwide. And with the expediency of click to call, businesses are noticing more customer-initiated phone calls channeled in through their mobile marketing efforts. In fact, it is believed t hat annual calls to businesses will go up to 162 billion by 2019, which is twice more than the volume in 2014!

With calls getting the rise, developing your business or performance marketing program with pay per call markettechniques seem like cake. But below are bottom-line benefits pay per call markettechniques offer:

Maximized High Value Leads

Pay per call markettechniques are the most efficient manner of capturing your mobile audience. Instead of bringing mobile customers to a landing page that has a form, they can easily tap a click-to-call call button to be in touch with your business. In fact, more than 50% of mobile searchers say they often have to call a business from a mobile search ad. Even in the digital era, customers are buying over the phone more than ever.

Quality Control and Security

Marketers, performance-based marketers in particular, are very concerned with lead quality, aware that a positive ROI depends on it. By adding phone calls to your marketing agenda, you’ll soon discover a boost in lead quality for two major reasons:

First, as mentioned earlier, phone calls are naturally higher quality compared to digital leads because callers have greater buyer intent. Additionally, calls have 100% contact rates, as opposed to digital leads which could be old, recycled, or simply impossible to contact.

Secondly, using pay per call, quality controls will be at your disposal, so that the only calls you get are those you want.

Higher ROI

With pay per call, you’ll capture new leads and customers, and you will see a bigger return on your media investments. On the whole, you’re monetizing an entire new traffic stream, and when you boost lead volume, and maintain or even raise quality, you have a sure strategy for a better ROI.

Full Visibility and Control

Being a digital marketer, you’re accustomed to getting insights into online conversions and the path to purchase. With pay per call, you have the same kind of visibility, topped by insights you can never get from digital transactions. Pay per call markettechnique analytics provide vital information, including:

Origins of call traffic

> Most successful campaigns and affiliates

Call conversions and results

> Patterns in customer behaviors

> Thorough caller profiles

> Complete view of the path to purchase

Pay per call markettechniques also provide you full control over the call experience. With access to these insights and tools, individual campaign and general strategy optimization becomes a lot easier and more productive.