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Car tires are one of the vital components to support the journey. Car tires can be the overall support of carloads and withstand such loads. Car tires also function for shock absorbers. Before the Shockbeaker worked, actually the car tire was the first component to dampen the shock when driving. Not only that, but tires also become the successor to the engine power, braking force, and also the steering control of the car. Like other automobile components, the car tire also has a life-out. When the tires are thin, it is a sign that the car tire should be replaced immediately.

If not replaced, it will certainly affect safety during travel by car. For example, when heavy rains occur if a car tire is thin, then water can make the tires feel slippery. Cars are at risk of slipping that could cause accidents. When a car tire is not worth using, it is necessary to replace the car tire. Consideration in replacement of car tires should also be mature considering the importance of car tires for vehicles. Therefore, buying car tires should not be done arbitrarily. Look for tire companies that provide good quality tires such as Southport Budget Tyres

The thorough shape of the tire tread

Car tires, Of course, have a variety of design tread grooves depending on the manufacturer as well as the purpose of the tire design. The Tires with the “V” groove are recommended for traveling deep in all weather conditions.

Tires with a “V” groove are suitable for use when the road is in dry or wet conditions. When the roads are dry, the tires are stable and can be used comfortably. However, in rainy conditions and wet roads, the “V”-shaped tire groove is effective to drill the puddle so that the car’s risk of slipping is reduced.

Read Tire production Date

When purchasing a car tire, make sure that the tires are not more than 1 year from the date of production. This is to ensure that the tire condition is still good. Long-time rubber will be brittle if much exposed to the air outside. Choosing tires that have not been one year from the date of production can minimize the risk of a rubber tire has been damaged.

Understand Tyre profile

The tire also has different types of profiles consisting of width and height of tires. It is stated in the codes printed on the outside of the tire. For example, the tire code is 180 55 R15. The figures indicate that the tire width is 180 mm and the tire height is 55% of the tire width or 55% of 180 mm. It can be concluded that the tire is a width of 180 mm and a height of 99 mm.

If the tire profile is too short, the risk of a damaged tire or rim will be greater when going through the Hollow Road. It is not suitable if used to travel far and outside the city. It is best to choose a tire height greater than 50% to minimize tire and rim damage during the journey.

Preferably, start a car tire check now and make a replacement when deemed necessary. In changing tires, do not forget to consider the above.


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