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Configuration management is a very important issue now. Nowadays, users always want to have programs that can do a lot of things on their computers, but it should be noted that these programs are also at high enough risk so that they can actually reduce the performance of the computer in running programs that users want and expect. To avoid this, users need to do a good configuration drift of the computer being used. In addition, computer configuration management is also very important for organizations or companies that rely on information technology in carrying out operational activities for the sustainability of the company’s business.

This is done to protect company assets such as data and information, protect business operations from a variety of malicious attacks on computers, both internal and external attacks, and maintain the company’s performance continuously. In this article, we will discuss controls on configuration management on computers, examples of software used for configuration management, and also examples of incidents that implement such software.


Configuration management is management in controlling developments in complex systems. This computer configuration management can be interpreted as a maintenance process that is carried out continuously on computer systems and networks, and ensures that these computer systems and networks can continue to serve and meet the needs and missions of companies that utilize the use of computer systems and networks. This configuration management is important to regulate the use of computers by end users or user workstations. The following are the benefits of configuration management done consistently.

  • Easily detect anomalous software on user workstations. This can be done by implementing a whitelisting application.
  • Network administrators can find out what software is being used on the network.
  • Can prevent user workstations from creating scheduled tasks to execute malicious programs and configuration drift.
  • Can prevent users from running the system commonly used for surveillance.


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