Different Types Of Masturbation Cups And Where To Buy It

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All married couples certainly crave a pleasant sex life to be able to encourage a more harmonious relationship. We are all probably familiar with the advice for the use of adult toys that are said to increase male sexual exploration.

The variety of adult toys out there is already very diverse. Since the Palaeolithic era (about 30 thousand years ago). In essence, today’s toys are very commonplace to be part of a man’s life, especially to masturbate.

One of the popular adult toys is the Masturbation Cup. The material used Masturbation Cup can give the most realistic sex feeling. This type of adult toy is also easy to carry and hide, so this adult toy can be taken on the go.

Where to Buy It? You can buy it at Acmejoy.com. acmejoy sells the most complete and cheapest adult toys, if you don’t believe you can click the previous link. Here are some types of Masturbation Cup products that Acmejoy sells:

Telescoping Rotating 8 Modes Vision Window Masturbation Cup – acmejoy

It’s great to see the penis grow bigger. By Using Telescoping Rotating 8 Modes Vision Window Masturbation Cup, it will work hard to stimulate and satisfy Male Penis. The unique channel interior design can increase the level of Excitement.

Don’t pressure yourself, just enjoy! Try to slowly increase the intensity to train your penis and your penis will become stronger and more attractive. It should be noted that the inner sleeve is removable, so you can rinse it with water after playing hygienically. The material of this product is made of TPE, non-toxic, odorless, safe, and soft, suitable for protecting the penis from injury.

This adult toy can be charged via USB. Power From Adult Toys It will last about 1 to 2 hours when fully charged. Please note that do not turn it on while charging.

Bare Sleeve 4-Frequency Rotation 3 Speeds Oral Sex Masturbation Cup – acmejoy

This product is suitable for people who prefer to control the intensity of penis stimulation. This oral sex masturbation cup can also be used automatically and manually. This product is equipped with an arm that will make it easy for the user to adjust the tightness of the channel, which makes up for the shortcomings of most masturbation cups which have a hard shell.

This product has 360° automatic rotation That’s why it is superior to all other manual masturbation products. This product also has sexy lips with 4-frequency 3-speed rotation of the inner tip of the tongue, which will make users feel erotic. In addition, the kit is also simple, easy to disassemble and install. The cover can be immediately removed and cleaned to prevent possible water damage. Acmejoy never stops creating, that’s why acmejoy sells this product.

This product is also equipped with three buttons on the handle, each of which controls: speed switch, product initiation, and rotation switch. Acmejoy sells this product because of its simple operation and increasing male sexual comfort.

Automatic Air Pressure Device Suction Penis Pump Masturbation Cup – acmejoy

Suitable products can help users become more sexually active and last longer. This innovative product combines the advantages of a traditional Masturbation Cup with electrical stimulation and exercise.

By practicing with this penis pump continuously, it will increase your penis size and improve your sex performance markedly. Use this product as the start of your sex to make your sexual process long-lasting and passionate.

Simply insert your penis through the silicone sleeve into a vacuum tube with a small amount of lubricant, then press the + button to turn it on. This product can check the pressure value at the top of the pump, to adjust it to the most suitable pressure level for the user’s penis.

By feeling the slowly pumped air, the user can see the penis grow larger than the accurate measuring gauge of the transparent chamber in no time. if the User sees the wrong position after starting the pump, the user can press the pressure relief valve button to release your penis, which can safely protect your penis from injury. here it can be seen that acmejoy prioritizes user comfort.

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