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New Trends in Marketing for Small Businesses

Business owners in Oregon face many challenges. Over the last few years, the burdening problem has mainly been that of paying higher tax rates. Unluckily, the new taxing plan is not friendly either. In turn, business owners have been forced to come up with other strategies to cut down on costs. Here are common marketing strategies that are expected to do well in 2017.

Businesses are considering outsourcing today for them to thrive. However, there are fears that come with this strategy. Many organizations consider it an unnecessary expense as all plans can be executed internally. Despite the fears, it is a strategy that will be trendy in the industry in the future.

It will thrive in many states across America including Oregon. Although the Trump presidency is limiting the outsourcing strategy by protectionist laws, it has numerous benefits to small business owners. Heavy taxation could however cripple the strategy. In turn, that could have detrimental effects in the economy because local business would operate at increased costs. Moreover, companies have an understanding of the advantages of hiring experts that are knowledgeable about new strategies. That is the reason companies are consulting professionals like Silverback strategies to devise new plans and set objectives. As a business owner, hire consultants that you can trust to evade wastage of time and money. Do your research online and ask friends to recommend you to reputable experts.

Entrepreneurs have also developed a liking for mobile trends. Small organizations make more money out of mobile traffic than normal traffic. A company with a site cannot lack a positive response. Therefore, companies are doing site customization to improve on entry and customer satisfaction. The mobile approach is also useful for companies that want to be felt locally.

Content marketing is another effective strategy. Another useful approach is content marketing. Formerly, it was seen as highly marginal but is now appreciated. The importance of SEO tools is understood by particularly local companies. Companies prioritize sensible and up to date blogs. Additionally, they understand the worth of guest blogging where clients access free content.

Video advertising is common as well. Small businesses can now share videos via Facebook and YouTube. Research indicates that videos have the highest impact in attracting clients that other content.

Above all, retaining customers is indeed important. This can be done by having loyalty programs in place. The approach is beneficial to both small and big businesses such as banks. Banks share videos ad advertisement indicating their impact on communities creating awareness.

Businesses are embracing change this year by use of new strategies to make them competitive in 2017. Companies are adopting new techniques to propel them to gain competitive advantage this year. The techniques must focus on direct interaction with customers. They should include loyalty programs and social media interaction.