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A strong team building needs to be in the company. This team will later become the executor of all processes in achieving a target within the company. Team building is a foundation that will form a work team. Thus, the solidarity of teamwork relies heavily on the existing building team. One strategy that can form a solid team building is the team building challenges. As is known, some outbound games are quite difficult. For example, you have to climb a mesh rope, rope in altitude, and much more. For some people, these games do often make little guts, especially for those who fear the height. Although it already uses a safety rope, but it is still scary

Even so, this kind of outbound game has a lot of benefits, besides so that we are not easily worth something, also we can learn to never give up when facing difficult problems, as is the case when working on a job in Office.

Sometimes the work is at high risk but should be faced as best as possible. A good employee must never give up when faced hard situation because when they’re easy to give up, it will affect other related work. A job might seem difficult to do, this is because there were previously fears and fears that we could not afford. Therefore, we must be confident and believe that we can do the job and can bring the best results. If there is a leader who can convey the plans and targets that want to achieve, how the work and the timeframe used will make the teamwork goes well. Leaders can also explain the purpose of the team’s creation and the company’s expectations of their work. Other strategies that can be applied to form a building team are:

1. Commitment to the duties and obligations of each individual in the team. Leaders should be able to embed the mind that everyone in the team has an important role in the company’s progress.

2. Have people who have various skills but can complement each other, and put them in a position that suits their expertise.

3. Collect creative ideas from team members and then discuss them to be applied in the process of achieving the target company.

4. Coordination in a building team is indispensable, the leader is also expected to direct his team. After that there needs to be good communication and clear on a team, with the direction of directions, advice and opinions then a team becomes more dynamic.

In the form of a solid team, required a soft skill training, such as personal development, effective communications, outbound dan many else. This building’s training activity has been a huge benefit to the productivity of the team and the progress of the future Corporation.


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