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Treadmills are often the first choice for exercise because it is more efficient. Many people buy a treadmill to exercise at home. The price of a treadmill is very varied, cheap treadmills ranging in price from 3000 to 14,000THB.

Do not be tempted to buy a cheap treadmill because you want to save money. In most cases, you have to replace it with a new one within a year. Make sure you buy a treadmill at Decathlon. In addition to affordable prices, buying a treadmill at Decathlon is also free of tax. What are you waiting for? Buy a treadmill in Decathlon right now!

Treadmill Specifications

Before discussing more on how to choose a good treadmill, you need to know some essential aspects of choosing a treadmill, including:

  • Track

The size of the treadmill track is significant for the user’s comfort. The standard length of a treadmill track is 55 “(140cm) for walking treadmills and 58” (147cm) or 60 “(152cm) for running treadmills. Usually, the size of the track is not too problematic if you only need a treadmill to run.

  • Motor engine

The motor engine is the key to power on a treadmill. The power of a treadmill is described in Horsepower (Hp) or Continuous Horsepower (CHP).

Horsepower is the ability of a motor to produce maximum power whereas Continuous Horsepower is the ability of an engine to output power more stable at a certain speed.

The power of the treadmill determines the comfort. If you have excess body weight and choose a treadmill with low HP / CHP, of course, the treadmill will spin slower than it should. If you run more often, it will require a higher HP / CHP than those who like to walk. Also, please note that a high HP is not the only important point in buying a treadmill, because HP is the peak of treadmill power when it is on. The most important is the CHP, which strengths the motor rotation continuously. CHP is a better measurement of measuring the output and efficiency of a treadmill motor power.


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