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Valentines day is around the corner.  This is the time when most of the people are up and about looking for the perfect gift for the special person in their life in India. One thing for sure is that Valentine’s Day Flowers will always find their way into the list of the most preferred gifts for valentines. This is obviously due to their ability to pass a message even without one having to put it down on paper or speak it out. For instance, a red rose will pass the message of love, pink sweetness. At the same time a blend of red and white will express unity.

There are many more meanings attributed to different flowers as well as their colors. This probably explains why flowers make more sense when it comes to Valentines Day. However, flowers are equally delicate. A few wrong moves end up killing the entire bouquet. Problem is that many people are not that good with taking care of flowers. The following basic tips will help one present a fresh bouquet that will remain fresh and relevant even beyond Valentine’s Day. Using the tips one can easily choose the perfect flowers and send Valentine’s Day flowers to India with upmost care.

Pick The Flowers In Advance

Having the flowers in advance gives one humble time to bring out the best out the flowers. One has enough time to pick the best and start figuring out the perfect arrangement. However, it is prudent to pick flowers that last longer even with minimal care. For instance, the tropical flowers and alstromeria take the lead here. Another pointer is to flowers with a longer stem; they tend to last longer and are healthier.

Make Sure The Water Is Clean

This calls for frequent changing of the water. This goes a long way to ensure that harmful bacteria are kept at bay. It is such bacteria that are the number one enemy to flowers as it can easily kill the entire bouquet.  This is a procedure that one should always put into practice not only with Valentine’s Day Flowers but with all other flowers to keep them nourished for longer.

Rinse And Trim The Stems

Frequently rinse the stems and recut them to prolong their life. This in return gets rid of parts that could be infected with bacteria from spreading over the entire flower. One can also ass a teaspoon of bleach to the water. This stops bacterial growth. However, there are some stems such as the hydrangea that react negatively to bleach- find out before adding it.

Some Flowers Just Need Natural Light

This is an attribute especially with tulips. These are the flowers that will continue to grow even long after being cut. These flowers just require a direct source of natural sunshine. Therefore, get the most suitable location to place them and watch them glow the more.


The above tips if put into good use can keep flowers well nourished and fresh to face the day and even days after. However, it is important for one to seek the opinion of friends or even florists. This is in terms of the right arrangement. It is also important for one to consider their special person’s character. This can determine the kind of flower they might prefer. The decision to select the perfect flowers while placing the order to send flowers to India is a daunting job. It requires serious thoughts. Even though several florists are available in India who can guide one in selection of the flowers but the personal choice of the recipient should be kept in mind before deciding the best flowers.


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