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Having high mobility makes some people choose to drive private vehicles so they can get to their destination faster. Apart from cars, many Indonesians use motorbikes as a mode of daily transportation. Especially in big cities, where the density of traffic flows can be a barrier to travel, motorcycles are chosen because they are seen as more efficient. Currently, wheels motorcycles don’t only sell jackets to drive, wheels motorcycles are the biggest motorbike clothing shops in the UK.

As a good motorbike rider, you of course have to know and understand the standard of riding safety. In addition to equipping motorcycles with safety and non-modifying components, you are encouraged to equip yourself with safety support such as fashion helmets and safe footwear.

When driving everyday using a motorbike, try to always wear footwear that covers your feet like shoes. Strong and comfortable footwear can make you safer to drive and your feet will not be easily hurt or scorched by the sun. In addition, you are recommended to use a quality motorcycle jacket to banish cold air during the trip.

Jacket becomes one of the mandatory equipment when driving, the jacket has the main function to protect the body from wind and friction on the road in the event of an accident.

Currently jackets are available in many choices of materials and types, there are special types that are used for touring and regular jackets for everyday driving.

For those of you who want to buy a jacket, the following types of motorcycle jackets and tips for choosing it.

1. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are the kind of trend in the community because of their trendy models. This jacket can be an option when driving because it has leather, synthetic to canvas.

2. Leather jacket

Generally leather jackets use leather and water repellent. Therefore, if this jacket is considered capable of being a travel companion.

You also need to know if the jacket has several types of them, namely a parka fishtail jacket and a parka snorkel jacket.

3. Cagoule Jacket

This motorcycle jacket is the most simple type and very suitable for driving at close range.

Because, this jacket uses material velvet and t-shirts that are comfortable when used and the model is very casual.

4. Race Jackets

Unlike some of the previous jackets, racing motorcycle jackets are very suitable for long-distance touring and motorbike racing because the material is thick and can prevent injuries when the driver falls.

5. Fleece Jacket

This jacket includes the type that is comfortable when used, the material is considered capable of withstanding weather conditions so it is very comfortable when used. However, fleece jackets are not suitable for use in hot weather.


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