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Comparing Risk and Quality Management With countless years in existence, many top businessmen and companies have brought their own takes on what it means for a product to have cutting edge quality, making some believe that quality is having no defects, being secure and reliable and can sufficiently provide top satisfaction to users with its ultimate intuitive usage. One of the most famous organization in the word, the International Organization for Standardization, has also become one of the greatest provider of a working meaning for quality which pertains to a product or a service’s characteristics which fully satisfies the requirements of which it was made for. Quality is also provided a different meaning when it comes to Quality Management on Manufacturing companies as they pertain to it as attaining perfection in terms of being defect-free and also having consistency that results to stellar products that have uniform characteristics.
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Looking into a more specific industry, quality management can also be vastly different when it comes to software development as you seek more specific characteristics which includes reliability, security, size, efficiency and even maintability.
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Risk and Quality are closer than you think and this is because each characteristic for quality you’re looking for to achieve satisfaction of customers can also become the risks that you need to check countless times. Risk and Quality management are truly side by side each other as they are both utilized to make sure that the goal set by the company will be achieved, with the former looking at things in the perspective of problems and the latter seeing the true optimist goal of the company at hand. Looking back into quality management, it can finally be said that it involves two main procedures and three characteristics to meet: design and execution; and making sure that a product is economically advantageous or feasible, has efficient procedure to achieve goal with limited usage of resources; and can meet its purpose and satisfy users. Quality management seeks to achieve specific steps and characteristics while on the other hand, Risk management aims to make sure that a company would predict and be proactive in finding what problems lie at the path of a certain project while being capable of choosing what they have to address first and foremost to make sure that the project can proceed as smooth as possible. If a business is like a road towards the success of a business or a company, then Risk and Quality management are both vital tools or procedures that will help them reach the end of the road, with the former’s capability to rid problems and the latter’s focus on what to achieve at the end of the line.