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Working on a motorcycle is one of the transportation solutions. For urban areas, motorbikes have economic value and can avoid congestion. For those of you who are looking for a new motorbike to work on, there are many choices you can buy only in motor cycles, wheels sell a variety of 2-wheeled vehicles and are the biggest Moto Guzzi dealer in english.

You Can choose based on price, type of motor for certain uses. This is a new motorcycle that can be considered.


The type of scooter motor is widely used because it is considered practical. The choices are very diverse, ranging from cheap to the price of a car. The economical scooter offers function and efficiency. While the design and features are not grandiose. The choices are Honda Beat, Suzuki Nex II, and Yamaha Mio. Each has a plus. Just choose according to your tastes and needs.

If you want something more charming, there is a medium scooter. Usually offers greater engine capacity or richer features. So the price tag is also higher. The best selling is the huge scooter Yamaha Nmax and Honda PCX. Other nominations are Yamaha Aerox, Lexi and FreeGo and Honda Vario 150. In this segment, design and features are taken into consideration. But still offering urban fuel consumption that is fairly friendly.

There are also anti-stream scooters from non-Japanese manufacturers. Its competitors have brands that come back to life, Lambretta. There are also other brands, such as Kymco and SYM that offer a variety of scooter with features and attractive prices.


If you like a male motorbike or a type of sport, the choices also vary. Usually the type of fairing and naked. But because of the need to work, the range of the engine is chosen which is no more than 250 cc. The options are quite numerous, such as Honda CBR150R, 250R, and other. May also choose sport underbones like the Honda Sonic 150R and Suzuki Satria F150.


Adventure-style motorcycles and the like are sometimes an option for work. So it is not only used touring to remote areas. For those of you who really work in areas with unfriendly road conditions, the choice of motorbike adventure will be very fitting. But if you want to use it in urban areas, it’s fine. The choice is quite varied with a 150-250 cc engine. There is Kawasaki KLX150 and KLX230; and Honda CRF150L and CRF250Rally. The models are most commonly found on the road. Whereas a number of other models from non-Japanese manufacturers also exist. It’s just less commonly used.


One more new motorbike option that you can use to work. The type has a classic look but not an old motorbike or custom. A type of retro-modern motorbikes like a cruiser, cafe racer, and his friends are in vogue. Most often found: Kawasaki W175 and W250


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