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Since, the beginning of deciding to get married, making preparations do not need to wait for the certainty of the wedding date, even when you have just done an engagement procession, looking for references about the party to be made while saving for the wedding. Starting from discussing with the couple about, choosing a wedding tent, wedding concept, venue, wedding theme colors, and several other things. For wedding tents, you can rent a tent at having a party. having a party is the best Wedding Marquee Hire Melbourne rental service.

So, once the date is set, you and your partner already know which vendor to go to and how much the estimated cost you and your partner will spend. Shorten the time together with savings that are ready to be used for marriage!

However, before knowing the average wedding decoration rental prices and other wedding vendors’ rental prices, the first thing you and your partner need to know are the following:

1. The concept of marriage

The concept of marriage is the beginning for every couple to start looking for various wedding needs. For example, you take the concept of rustic, then after that, you can decide what kind of aisle is appropriate, dresses and makeup that is suitable for the rustic concept, and various other needs. Deciding the concept of marriage, in the beginning, will make you and your partner more easily pursue other needs.

2. The location of the wedding

No less important as a prefix in determining marriage preparation is location! Whether choosing an outdoor or indoor location, a wedding at home or in a building, on the beach or in the mountains, must be determined from the outset of planning to get married. That way, you can judge whether the concepts agreed upon earlier can be held at your wedding location or not.

Because in determining the location not only consider the price of a wedding decoration rental but also take into account the area of ​​the location, whether child-friendly or not, if later you will be held outside the tent room as what will be used, to estimate the right time.

After solidifying the 2 things above, now is the time we feel the estimated price of the wedding decoration rental. Starting from estimating the cost of wedding decorations which cost quite a lot. Aisle is a stage that will make you and your partner as a center point, of course, a wedding is required to be beautiful and beautiful, right?

How Much Is the Rental Price of a Wedding Decoration?

The price of renting wedding decorations is great because it requires a lot of objects to juggle your building or house to be more beautiful and attractive. The more complicated your desire for the aisle concept, of course, will make the cost more expensive.

For each concept of marriage does not have an average rental price of the same wedding decorations. If you don’t want too much interest and prefer a traditional concept, this will also differ in price, depending on how fancy you want to decorate the aisle.

Today’s wedding party is often decorated with additional photo booths, where guests want to take a selfie. This photo booth is not just a place to photograph, but also as a wedding decoration. Photo booths can be anything, for example with a wooden backdrop which is then decorated with paper flowers. You can also ask the vendor to provide additional properties such as silly glasses, hats, bow ties or other items that could enliven the photo booth.

For those of you who will hold an outdoor wedding or wedding at home and need a tent rental, before choosing the type of sign, you can start measuring how much area and length is needed. Because the price of a wedding decoration rental for a wedding tent is calculated according to the size you need.

For example, you need to measure 10m x 10m = 100m. Then multiplied according to the price of the tent you chose. And don’t forget about renting tables and chairs for guests. However, if you carry the concept of a standing party, you don’t need to rent as many seats as guests.


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