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Understanding Game Statistics That are Generated Live Who would have thought that an event such as a soccer game can be analyzed and tangible results obtained from it. A soccer game as fluid as it is can be analyzed, the items around it such as its FIFA rankings, team profiles and charts are shown statistically. it might be argued that the winner of a soccer match is often as a result of luck as the variable factors around the different teams may not in any way determine who goes home smiling. one cannot discount the fact that a number of unknown factors are also responsible for a players performance other than numbers. Can a win or a lose be as a result of numbers, the doubting Thomas’s are yet to conclude. the fans of soccer are known to be very inquisitive when it comes to knowing how much time has gone by since the game started and how both teams in play have scored. Unlike other websites soccer websites display a substantial category of items that will come in handy when formalizing the game statistics. quite a number of items are displayed on the soccer websites such as game winning goals, game winning assists, goals, assists, shots and shots on goal witnessed in the game and from this it can be derived that soccer is not only a game of numbers it is dependent on different variables. the current age and time has seen events such as football requiring the analysis of data that will be used to come up with statistics that help make decisions that auger well for performance.
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it is undeniable that football the way we have known it is shifting its way of doing things from FIFA Just displaying a number of assists to it incorporating a number of variables t enable statistical analysis the most celebrated football teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have hired data analysis firms The teams prefers not share they data they receive because it gives them team advantage and therefore it is a secret
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The teams employ data analysis companies that are in charge of generating the required information. the firms with the responsibility watch the live proceedings of the game keenly then they draft any distinctions that they see for later use. The data that they get is run through their database then they start calculating the numbers. the fact that the data obtained will provide a valuable information cannot be discredited but it will still not determine which team will win and which one will lose.