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How to Create the Best Design for Your Book Cover

Getting the best design for your book cover can be so challenging. You might have a good idea of how you would like your cover to look like but lack proper guidance on how to achieve it. It is not easy to design a book cover. On the other hand, getting a professional designer to do the work for you is quite costly. However, there are tips that can provide proper guidance on how to come up with the best book cover design.

Knowing your audience is of great essence. The best book cover design should have images that relates to the theme. Familiarity is a concept that is liked by many. The images that you display on your cover should stand out and not resemble any other author’s work. The images that you choose should be enticing and attractive enough. The images on the cover and the story should have a very strong connection. You should be able to determine how your readers are likely to react once they take a look at the cover of your book.

Getting a photographer to help you with the images can be very expensive. This is because many authors are usually very busy and lack the best photography equipment. If you can’t do the photography by yourself, you still use other ways of getting images. Many image services are normally available in the internet. Examples of readily available image services in the internet are Adobe stock photos and istock. After getting the photos ready, you should edit them to look presentable and attractive. GIMP is one of the most powerful tools that is used by many to shape up and furnish their images.

It is important for your book to remain original and unique once you decide to display it in the market. Taking walk to a number of book stores would help you gain more information and new ideas. However, you should not copy from others as different things work for different people. You should make your cover unique and enticing to draw the attention of the readers.

To create the best design for your book cover, you should make good use of the principles of design. As you design your book cover, you should make that you use the appropriate fonts, color and even spacing. There should be a connection between the theme, the color and the fonts as a number of people tend to judge things from the color.