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Kraft Bags or paper bags are now trending in everyday life, especially when you shop or open a business. The use of Kraft Bag itself is highly recommended to reduce waste that cannot decompose. Besides that, for those of you who pursue the business world, Kraft Bags can be a good marketing idea by introducing product brands through the Kraft Bag. Environmentally friendly, reusable, practical, and not too expensive, is the main reason why you should use a Kraft Bag.

Well, it’s quite important for you to start getting used to using Kraft Bags. In general, Kraft Bags have various functions depending on your goals and needs. More specifically, you can understand the various functions of the Kraft Bag below this link ถุงคราฟท์.

Shopping area

Kraft Bags can accommodate various kinds of groceries. However, it is more suitable for light shopping items such as clothes, shoes, bags, cakes, etc. If you buy at a clothing store or cake shop, usually the shop owner provides a Kraft Bag as a container for the product you buy, and you can use it again for other purposes. So it’s more efficient, right?

Thank-you note

Kraft Bag is not only as a protector of goods but also as a medium for certain purposes, such as the media to say thank you. For those of you who want to give a gift or keepsake item, you can use a Kraft Bag as packaging and thank you. Also, add symbolic gratitude by writing it on the Kraft Bag that you give.


Often hold important events? Of course, the event is incomplete without souvenirs or souvenirs given to participants/guests. As an expression of gratitude for the attendance and participation of guests, give souvenirs that use Kraft Bags. In addition to facilitating guests in carrying, the Kraft Bag gives the impression of being more polite and neat.

Promotion media

Doing business and using Kraft Bags for product packaging? You can use the empty part of the Kraft Bag for promotion. For example, paste your logo and brand name, store address, and contact image. There are more events and tourism promotions too.

One thing that you might not have realized, the Kraft Bag itself gives an exclusive and attractive impression so that other people who will receive the item are enthusiastic about your gift. Start getting used to using a Kraft Bag from now.


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