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No man or woman in this world is devoid of friends. Everything cannot be discussed with family members or siblings and this is the space where friends fill in beautifully. In a lifetime you may form a friendship with many faces but try to identify the best ones as there would be many who would always flock in your happy moments but your best friends are those whom you always find in moments of crisis and sadness. We all know that the first Sunday of the month of August is celebrated worldwide as Friendship Day. So, on this day, pick up the following friendship gift ideas and thank them for their genuine love for you.

Soft Toy: For the most adorable friend of yours who loves soft toys, this would be the perfect gift. There are many shape and size of soft toys and pick up the one which she loves or doesn’t have. Soft toys in the shape of a cat, puppy, turtle, fish, minion, Barbie, octopus, etc. are quite common. Just walk into any store specializing in soft toys and surprise your best friend in the cutest manner. She would be truly happy with your genuine gift of love.

Personalized Photo Frame: You can play with the intelligent use of colors to make this personalized photo frame. There are various online tools where you can edit your pictures. Find one such app and edit your group picture and make it nostalgic with the use of hues like golden and orange complemented with gray and black. Get some nice photo frames and insert the group picture inside it and present one photo frame to each one in your group which they would hang on their walls with pride.

Books and Mugs: This is a very relaxing combination of gifts to be showered on the best friend(s). Those people who are very fond of reading would find it really flattering. Combine some nice books that talks of friendship, journey, and life and combine that with a lovely mug because reading with a large cup of tea or coffee is one of the very comforting time-pass activity.

Hip Flask: Look out for a nice hip flask which your friends can carry while driving. For hip flasks, going for a branded one would be preferred. You may get these ones: Asprey, Dunhill, Filson, Holland and Holland, Kenneth Cole, Linley, Roderick Charles, etc. These branded hip flasks would be used by your best buddy with quite a pride.


Plants: These days’ plants in the form of Bonsai or Terrarium have become quite a popular kind of gift. Keeping a plant in home or office is also a nice idea to keep the environment a better one and it also contributes to home décor. Pick up plants like Jade plant, green ficus, spider plant, Aloe Vera, Dill, Lavender, Lucky Bamboo, Peace lily, etc. as friendship day gifts. May your friendship flourish like these plants.


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