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The New Kia GT Turns Heads and Has Even More Enthusiasts Rethinking the Manufacturer

Kia is a manufacturer that has managed to impress critics and buyers alike for a number of decades. Originally associated strictly with low-performance, economy-focused cars that never tried to offer much more than basic value, Kia has since become a lot more capable and ambitious. By steadily expanding the limits of its range while always excelling at each new level, Kia has transformed what used to be a decidedly downmarket brand into one that now proudly competes at a much higher level. While value, reliability, and practicality still remain hallmarks of the manufacturer, excitement is starting to become a more regular part of the mix.

The company’s new GT sports car makes this clearer than ever. As those who read more here will see, the GT that is now heading to the Australian market has its roots in a 2014 concept vehicle that turned plenty of heads at the time. In fact, reviewers were astonished by the way that the prototype recalled the most ambitious sports-oriented efforts of European manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes. For a Korean company once associated with lowly “econoboxes” to achieve something like that even in speculative one-off form started to change even those minds that had been most resistant.

Even given the success of that appearance, many assumed the vehicle would be forgotten. Instead, Kia engineers have been plugging away behind the scenes, turning that concept into a car ready for production. With impressive torque and performance figures that more or less mirror those claimed back in 2014, the production version of the rear-wheel drive Kia GT is ready to take the market by storm.

An eight-speed automatic transmission is to help put the power to the road, with a generous 365 horses being available to get the GT up to speed. With styling that many regard as every bit the equal of the best Audi or BMW can come up with, the GT is one of the most hotly anticipated sports cars to arrive in years. While it might have started from a humble place, Kia’s ability to work in determined fashion so far up the market over the years is something that has to stand out to everyone who appreciates cars.