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The Practicality of Comprehensive STD Testing and HIV Screening for a Addiction Recovery Facility

When a person is going through recovery treatment, whether that treatment is for alcohol, drugs or some other type of addiction, getting a complete workup in terms of a person’s medical condition is essential. Without this, treatment for addiction may not be as effective as desired. In some situations, without a proper medical workup, individuals going through treatment may find themselves at risk when it comes to their health and well-being. In addition, with contagious conditions, it could also put the staff that is handling the recovery treatment at risk. That’s why many recovery centers require that potential patients have extensive STD testing and HIV screening.

In situations where people are being treated for addiction, there are many types of professionals working with patients. Some are medical professionals and others are therapeutic professionals aimed more at counseling than providing medical treatment. However, when a person receives any sort of medical treatment from a nurse or a doctor, having all the information possible on a person’s medical condition is essential. With the medical staff of a recovery center knowing that a particular patient suffers from a particular STD or they tested positive for HIV, any treatment that could potentially aggravate these conditions can be avoided and less problematic forms of treatment can be used.

In addition to modifying treatment, if there are complications from a person’s STD or from HIV, the medical staff and the entire staff of a recovery center will be made aware of the situation so that they’ll know what to look for. In situations where complications from STDs or HIV become noticeable, there could be an immediate danger to the patient. Knowing the situation can help the staff to act quickly to ensure that the patient gets the correct medical attention they need so that their lives are not in danger.

Recovery for addiction can be difficult and it can be further complicated with medical issues. That’s why a full medical workup complete with testing for STDs and HIV is important. It is important for the safety of the patient, for the other patients going through treatment and for the recovery facility.