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The most pleasant thing that can be done to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Phuket is to rent a boat and sail wherever we want. The Andaman Sea is a popular sea because of its beauty to match the seas commonly seen on television screens. Of course, this is a good opportunity to do it while in Phuket.

To enjoy the beauty of the beach in Phuket, you can rent a boat at Yacht Sourcing, Yacht Sourcing is the largest charter agent that provides Yacht Hire Thailand Services. There are two types of vessels offered by this trusted agent. The first type is the Bare boats. This boat is a boat without a motorbike and no crew. Everything moves in the direction of the wind. With this type of boat, visitors can feel more privacy while enjoying views of the sea with family. Here is also offered the option to dive.

The second type is the Crewed Yachts. As the name implies, this boat has a crew, chefs, and facilities that are far more luxurious. Renting a boat means getting second-hand experience to enjoy the view during a water trip and sail to destinations that have been used.

Many ship brands are provided. Each brand and type of ship has different facilities. Of course, visitors will also be given a different price depending on the choice of the ship.

Starting from the facilities, prices, and also the excitement that is in it becomes important to note. Therefore, prospective tourists must be able to know how to get the right boat rental tips. Starting from the facilities, prices, and also the excitement that is in it becomes important to note.

Tips for renting a boat to save money

Budget or cost is an important one to consider. For economical tips, then find friends to share the boat rental.

To that end, sharing boat rental with other tourists will make the budget more efficient. For those who are solo travelers or backpackers, they can find other tourists to join. Because at the tourist sites many other backpackers are looking for cheap boat rental prices

Get to know the Boat Charter Company

If we go to the island, there will be a lot of boat rentals. To choose it, first identify the best vehicle rental service company. The criteria that we can make a benchmark are:

  • Good company reviews
  • Facilities provided
  • Completeness of facilities and infrastructure
  • Satisfying service

Those are some things that we should recognize from companies that rent boats or boats. All that can ensure our tour is more comfortable.

Start the Exciting Island Tour

One reason for choosing a boat for transportation is to explore the tourist sites of the island and the coast. Such as in Belitung and other exotic islands in Indonesia. Everything can be explored with the transportation of this one.

In this country, there are still many islands that are still untouched and also remote. With a rented boat, anyone can recognize the charm and beauty in it.

Choose the Type of Small or Medium Boat

Many choices of boat types. The choice depends on the needs. For a medium boat, it can accommodate up to 20 tourists while a small boat is enough for 10 people.

If a busy tour with family then you can choose the type of medium boat. Because in addition to being broader it is also more comfortable to relax while enjoying the various natural scenery around it. This is interesting to travel by boat or boat.

Prepare Mature

When going on an island tour, first prepare ahead of the affairs of this boat rental. This is because island tourism will not be complete without this sea transportation. This preparation also helps in the items to be carried. For example, if you want to snorkel, you can bring your equipment or decide to rent. Also, bring sunblock and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Don’t Miss For, Diving

Besides snorkeling, diving is also an interesting treat on every island tour. If you are lucky, on the island’s tourist spots you will find various places for diving. On this occasion, fish and coral reefs in Indonesia will be seen as the main attraction. 

Those are some boat rental tips on the right tour. To be able to enjoy everything, you don’t have to go on a group tour. Even backpackers and solo travelers can still enjoy the excitement by joining with other tourists.


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