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If you are going to move offices, of course, you will be quite inconvenienced with all the preparations. Including like moving office equipment to your new office.

You will need a logistics service company that provides delivery installation specialist services. Besides they can carry and deliver your equipment properly and safely, they can also install your office equipment.

The following is a detailed discussion of how to pack office goods which will certainly provide several benefits, such as cost savings because they do not require packing services.

Understand the Character of the Goods

Not only people, but goods also have a character that must be recognized by the owner. Which is included in the character of the goods are flammable, glassware, fabric, electronics, and others. The following is a summary of office equipment based on their character.

  • Glassware: cups, plates, bowls, flower vases, and cups.
  • Electronics: computers, servers, laptops, air conditioners, copiers, monitors, TVs and printers.
  • Fabrics: banners, uniforms, umbrellas, bags, luggage, and carpets.
  • Flammable items: office desks, office chairs, blackboards, chemicals, and perfume. In the case of tables, chairs and blackboards can be called hard goods.

Use Appropriate Packing Material

Not all goods have the same type of product shipping packing. That is why we must understand the character of the item first before packaging. In general, there are 5 types of packing material, namely plastic bags/wrapping paper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, cardboard, and wooden crates.

  • We can use plastic bags and wrapping paper as packing material for clothes, documents, and books.
  • We can use bubble wrap for packing lightweight electronic goods, such as computer parts, laptops, and others.
  • Styrofoam or commonly referred to as plastic material is suitable for large electronic packaging, such as computers, monitors, TVs, air conditioners, and printers. In addition to being able to withstand Styrofoam hard impact from other objects, this one material is also waterproof.
  • Very flexible cardboard used in various character items. Often the cardboard is only used to repack items that have been packaged using the 3 materials above.
  • Wood packing can be used as an alternative for those of us who want to send goods more safely from shocks and scratches of other objects.

Then, how about packing the desk, chair, and office blackboard? We can simply coat it with a dry cloth and tighten it using tape. In all corners, use Styrofoam and tighten it also using tape to avoid collisions with other objects that can result in other objects being damaged.

Label Each Pack

Labeling can use plain paper that is tightened on the packaging using masking tape. This aims to provide guidance for porters carrying out loading and unloading of our relocated goods.

Those are tips for learning how to pack all office equipment, from the smallest to the largest.


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