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Choosing a delivery service is something that you should consider well in running a business on the internet, especially for online stores. The reason is included in the provision of services to consumers who shop.

 Therefore, the shipping of goods must be considered. At present, in Thailand there are many shipping services, for example, Kerry Express, by using the services of Kerry Express you can track where goods are sent using the Kerry tracking application, then there is also SHIPJUNG. SHIPJUNG can provide online transportation reservation services.

 By using the SHIPJUNG or Kerry Express service, the goods will arrive at their destination quickly and precisely. So to determine which service to use, you must have complete information, and here are some tips for you in choosing a shipping service:

 Select a known service provider

 With the increasing sales of goods through internet media, new shipping companies have also emerged. If that happens, price competition between companies will be inevitable.

 They will compete with each other by providing low price rates for shipping to various regions. In this case, we must be wise in determining, we can not profit despite getting low service rates, but the service is less satisfying.

 Select a shipping service

 Because our risk is large enough, the difference of only a few rupiahs should not be the main consideration in choosing a shipping service, we must choose a professional company even though the rates applied are slightly more expensive.

 Goods Safety Guarantee

 Furthermore, we must also pay attention to the guarantees given by service providers regarding the safety of the goods during the trip, especially if we are sending goods that are priced high enough.

 A good expedition usually provides guarantees such as insurance to cover losses if something happens to the goods we send. Like for example, lost, damaged, incomplete content, and so on.

 Estimated Delivery Time

 Professional shipping services must have an estimate or estimate of the right time to send goods to their destination and can be held accountable to consumers.

 Usually, they implement several service options at a specified rate, the higher the price will be charged if we choose a faster shipping service.

 Tracking Feature Available

 In shipping items that take days, we will need this tracking feature. Also, most online store consumers want to know the whereabouts of their ordered items, if the expedition does not have this feature, we can be very busy handling it.

 With this feature can also be evidence for consumers who shop, that the goods in the message have been sent, as we already know, online sales require a high level of trust from consumers.

 Therefore the availability of a shipping receipt number that is usually used to track goods via the internet will increase the confidence of consumers who shop.

 Goods Retrieval Service

 The latter is just an additional service, which means that the delivery service can provide this service or not. But it will be very helpful for us if there is this service, taking goods means we do not need to leave the house or office to be able to send goods because the goods sent will be taken by the expedition.

 If you often send items that we often like, such as online stores, this service can certainly save time and money.


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