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Planning a wedding is not easy. Starting from the selection of places, guest list invitations, up to clothing. It’s not only the bride who needs to get the perfect dress, but the groom’s suit also must not be less charming.

In general, the groom often rents or buys a wedding suit since it usually looks almost the same. In fact, the model and size accuracy need to be considered. This combination is easy to find in rental or store. Modern wedding suit are exist in the market, but it is highly recommended to trust an experienced suit tailor to create the right wedding suit for you.  Choose Patrick & Co. Tailor in Bangkok, they are tailor located at 89 Soi Sukhumvit 57, Thong Lo Place Bangkok 10110, Thailand which has quality materials. for more detailed information you can contact + 662-130-6575

At the time of consultation, you need to know a few things about the process of making your wedding suits:

Single or Double

Today’s trend often accentuates single-breasted for the suit. This model is more commonly sought because it can give a thin but also tall appearance. Double-breasted is more recommended for men with large bodies and have wide breasts because this model can emit conservative and classic effects for the wearer.

Lapel Model

The lapel is a collar suit. Lapel models need to be considered carefully because they will affect the body volume when the suit is used.

Each event has a recommendation for a lapel model that can be selected, namely Notched Lapel, Taper Lapel, and Shawl Lapel. Notched Lapel is considered trendy. Taper collars can give a classic impression. Shawl Lapel is preferred for suits to be used at formal events.

Number of buttons

Buttons are often seen as additional accessories to the suit. But in reality, the number of buttons found on a suit can affect your overall appearance, especially in terms of body posture and height. For men with short body postures, it is advisable to order a jacket with two buttons to give the impression of being thin but tall. Don’t worry; this suit model never disappears from the men’s suit trend list! The suit with three buttons can give a shorter impression to the wearer. Moreover, one button is always an option to look stylish.


To add an elegant impression, add a lis into the collar, top pockets, and bottom pockets of your suit. For models, you can choose based on your wish.


There are two types of vent, single vent, and double vent. The one-vent suit is more for men with moderate to thin body size, and double vent for men with large body size. The primary function of the vent is to help men move freely and naturally. Ven also gives the impression of being fashionable on your wedding day.


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