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Going on vacation has been proven to provide good benefits for mental and physical health.

 Vacationing also allows you to get acquainted with different cultures and traditions. Your mind also becomes more open to accepting new things that are found.

 There are so many tourist attractions that can be visited during a vacation. One place we highly recommend is Myanmar. Myanmar offers a mix of scenic and historical tours that can be found. Prepare a plan where you will stay, 5 Star hotel Myanmar Yangon Max is one of the best to get facilities with extraordinary luxury.

 On this occasion, we will share about tourist destinations in Myanmar that you can visit.


 If you want to enjoy Buddhist culture, then Bagan can be a very interesting place to visit. There are more than 200 temples there that can be visited by all visitors.

 You can also get a tour by renting a horse-drawn carriage there. An interesting thing that should not be missed is enjoying the sunset from the height of the temple.

 Shwemawdaw Paya

 This place has the meaning of the Great Golden God because large golden temples can be seen from great distances. It has a height of 114 meters and makes it the highest pagoda in Myanmar.

 Lake Inle

 Inle Lake is a very beautiful lake to explore and become one of the very famous tourist attractions in Myanmar. You can get a tour using a longboat to enjoy this place.

 Ayeyarwady River

 This is the longest river in Myanmar and is often also known by the name of Irrawaddy. This river starts from the height of the Himalayas through Myanmar and ends in the Andaman Sea.

 You can take a cruise between Mandalay and Bagan. You will see many villages on the edge of the river and some unique and interesting things here.


 If you want to come to exotic tourist attractions in Myanmar, Ngapali can be an option. Ngapali is a beautiful place with white sand beaches, blue waters, and many luxury hotels there.

 A perfect place to get away from city life and relax there.

 Taung Kalat

 Taung Kalat is one of the most amazing and you must visit while in Myanmar. To get to the monastery, you have to climb 770 steps. The interesting thing is you will be faced with many monkeys while climbing.

 After reaching the top, then you will see a very amazing view from the top of the peak. You can also see the entire city of Bagan from this height.

 Hopefully, the discussion above can provide benefits and inspiration. Have a good vacation!


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