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The hotel has various meanings, depending on the opinions and habits of each person. According to various sources that are packed together, a hotel is a building that is rented or owned by someone or an institution that wants to use all or part of the accommodation, food and beverage services, entertainment, to business.

Hotels can be divided into several types, namely based on the location of the hotel is located, based on the star or class, type of guests who stay, length of stay, the purpose of visit, duration of operation, and ownership. The following will explain the type or type of hotel in several categories.

Hotel type based on location

Resort hotels are hotels that are close to tourist destinations that are usually rented out to people who want to vacation. Resort hotels can be further divided into several subcategories, namely:

  •  are hotels built near the beach which usually provide facilities suitable for holidays near the beach. For example, to the beach of Phuket, many types of hotels that have Sea View Hotel Phuket.
  • Amusement Hotels are hotels that are built-in entertainment or recreational areas such as dreamland.
  • Cliff Hotel is a hotel that is built in a high location that has a beautiful view.
  • Mountain or Hill Hotel is a hotel built in a mountainous area. It usually provides facilities that contain elements of adventure.
  • Ravine Hotel is a hotel built on a slope such as a cliff or a valley.
  • Riverside Hotel is a hotel that is built-in river areas.
  • Lake Hotel is a hotel that is built close to the lake. This hotel usually provides facilities such as water sports or adventure elements.
  • Forest Hotel is a hotel built in a forest area that relies on the tranquility of nature.
  • Airport Hotel is a hotel that is built close to airports. Usually hired by plane passengers who delay or just take a break before continuing a long journey.
  • Railway Station Hotel is a hotel that is built close to the train station.
  • Harbor Hotels are hotels that are built close to the seaport.
  • Transit hotels are hotels that are close to the bus station.

Hotel types based on star or class

  • City Hotel is a hotel in the middle of a big city that is mostly rented for business purposes. City hotels can also be further divided into:
  • Downtown Hotel, a hotel located in the city crowd. Usually close to places of business, shopping, and the like.
  • Inn is a hotel built on the edge of town that has simple facilities that are rented out to traveling merchants. Usually, they have a relatively cheaper price than other types of hotels.
  • Motels or motorbike hotels are hotels that are located on the edge of the highway and are usually right on the border between two or more large cities built or rented for people who want to stay overnight or just rest for a while because they cannot continue their journey to a place. The hotel provides room facilities which are equipped with a large parking area to park guests’ vehicles.
  • Country Hotels are hotels that are built in a quiet area and away from the city crowd. Usually located in villages, mountains, or remote places.


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