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The presence of cloud computing is now increasingly popular and is the subject of discussion for many corporations and business people. Using cloud computing services from LimePoint can prevent Configuration drift.

By adopting the Internet as a storage medium, cloud computing services from LimePoint are considered capable of providing efficiency in terms of the needs of an information system and also human resources for corporations or business people. Although its growth can be said to continue to rise every year, the growth of the cloud computing market in Australia is considered quite fast when competing with other Asian countries. The growth in the use of cloud computing services in Australia is due to the number of companies that utilize cloud computing services from LimePoint.

Not only that, with the presence of LimePoint as a means of cloud computing that acts as a backup storage media, LimePoint also offers an automation platform such as MintPress. MintPress can support Sustainable Delivery and also play your DevOps role. LimePoint also developed a drift guard platform that can monitor configuration shifts, and allows you to make management changes to avoid configuration drift.

But for a business that wants to use cloud computing from LimePoint, several benefits can be obtained.

  • The first is a quality system at a cheaper price, this is because cloud computing services are services that are developed continuously by LimePoint, both in terms of performance and security, so that they are more dynamic and reliable because they can adapt to the use of the latest technology.
  • Secondly, it can reduce operational problems which can reduce the time used to solve technical hardware and software problems that support business so that in the end makes the business more focused on other more important things.
  • Third, the efficiency of the budget is low for resources, especially human resources, users of cloud services do not need special expert staff so the budget can be diverted to other things.
  • Fourth, the investment capital needed when using cloud computing services is far less than building and maintaining their hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Finally, with a large number of service options offered by LimePoint cloud computing, businesses today can innovate on their own combining existing services to provide more value to the businesses they run.

Cloud Becomes More Important

Nowadays cloud computing is not only a trend in the IT world but has become something that is highly needed by companies and businesses.


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