Want an Event That You Make a Big Success? Follow these 7 tips

Planning to hold an event in the near future but you are still confused about how to make the event that you organized later run smoothly? You can use the Catalyst Event Solutions service to make your event running festive and memorable. The most important thing that determines the success of an event is careful planning and also good teamwork. Here are at least 7 tips for holding a successful event.

Arrange the theme and concept of the event

The theme and concept of the event are one of the main factors that determine the success of an event. An interesting and unique concept will certainly also give its own impression to the people involved in the event being held. Brainstorm ideas together with all team members you will be involved in this event. Ask everyone to present their ideas, then vote for the selection of concept ideas for the event that you will use. Thinking about the concept of the event together will certainly be more fun than having to think about yourself.

Clear division of tasks

After finding the theme and concept of the event you want to raise, the next step you must take is to form an event committee. Divide the committee into several divisions and make sure each division has a clear job-desc. There must be no team members who experience confusion when carrying out their duties and roles. Also, make sure the assignments that you give to each team member really match their interests and that they have a sense of responsibility for the task.

Create a budget

When planning an event, don’t forget to do budgeting so you know about the description of the operational costs you need for the event. Make a list of what you need, ranging from equipment that must be purchased to the price range of the place you want to rent to organize the activity.

Do not forget to also conduct a survey to the place that has been chosen to hold the event, starting from how much seating capacity is available, whether the place is in accordance with the concept of the event you are going to organize to whether the location of the venue is easily accessible. Locations that are far from the city center and difficult to reach must be taken into consideration whether other people will attend the event you are holding or not. Therefore, choose a strategic place and easy to reach from various locations.

Plan a rundown of the event in advance

Many people tend to make the event rundown when it is approaching H. But that way can actually make your event a mess on D-day because of lack of preparation from each team member. So that each member of the team understands the flow of the event, make the program from far in advance. With a clear rundown of the event, surely all the committee knew the direction of the event to be held and made careful preparations.

Create a timeline

The timeline becomes very important in controlling the planning of the event, for example, the extent to which preparations have been made, whether each member has done his obligations, what is still lacking, how well the preparation is done and so on. Make a list of what each team member must do and set deadlines. The giving of deadlines is not to pressure each team member, but to ensure that they do not delay their obligations. Don’t forget to follow up all team members, what they have done and whether they have problems carrying out the tasks assigned to them.

Plan A, plan B

Planning is very mature, but just because the place doesn’t allow your event to be canceled, surely you don’t want that to happen? Therefore, don’t forget to always prepare a few plans. So when plan A is not possible, you and the team still have plan B.

The most important teamwork

The concept of an interesting event, careful planning, and strategic place will not mean anything without the presence of good teamwork. In a way, teamwork is the most decisive element in the success of an event. Therefore, make sure communication between team members goes well, lest communication causes misunderstandings that lead to division within the team.

Good communication is not only needed when planning events but also very necessary when the event takes place. Each team member must be assigned at different points and far apart. Now to facilitate communication between team members, you can equip each team member with a Walkie-Talkie that allows communication over a considerable distance.

The success of an event depends not only on whether on D-day the event takes place smoothly or not, but also depends on the planning process, where teamwork is the most important thing. Believe me, with good teamwork, surely the event that you plan together will be a successful event.

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