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Gold is elegant and versatile

Precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum and alternatives like titanium and stainless steel, all play their part in creating exquisite rings.

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Gold, which is an elegant and versatile metal, comes in yellow, white and rose. It’s very malleable and can be crafted into creative pieces, without straining the metal too much. Gold is a great investment and it’s an easy metal to look after. It is advisable to store jewellery made from gold separately from other items to avoid discolouration. Gold is resistant to rust, but the ring’s shine could fade if it comes into contact with cleaning detergents. Polishing gold rings with a soft cloth can help restore the original shine.

White gold is fashionable and is a popular alternative to yellow gold or even silver and platinum, while rose gold is made up of gold combined with copper to create the signature rose red tint.

Platinum too is a popular metal due to its purity and striking colour. Many ring wearers will be attracted to platinum as it’s strongly resistant to tarnishing, and it’s also a practical and glamorous choice for everyday wear. Brides and grooms sway toward it, thanks to its durability.

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Selecting a ring is a special occasion

Choosing a part set diamond wedding rings is an exciting occasion as it’s a jewellery partnership that will last for life. Part set Diamond Wedding Rings from Compare the Diamond boasts a comprehensive range of pieces made from various metals.

According to the BBC gold has been discovered around the UK for centuries, but English gold is among the rarest in the world.

Palladium comes under the platinum umbrella, but is softer and much more affordable, especially for brides and grooms who are entering the property market. It’s the least dense of those metals which belong to the platinum family, and similar to gold, it can be moulded to make a thin item of jewellery. It’s hypoallergenic and makes a suitable ring for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Silver has been used in fashion jewellery throughout history and its main characteristic is its versatility. It’s an ideal metal to house diamonds and gemstones. Sterling silver, however, is an alloy, made from 92.5{d1038b7aae152d0d421c209649c107e7aeb79356c696eae234fa9e147c8a05b2} pure silver and copper. This is demonstrated in the 925 sterling silver signature stamp.


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