Why No One Talks About Juicing Anymore

Health Benefits of Juice Cleansing Juice cleansing is none other than a process called detox (a term which refers to abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances) diet, in which a person drinks only fruit and vegetable juices to obtain nutrition for a dew days or several weeks, while abstaining from eating food. So, here are the beneficial effects of going juice cleansing, things that can happen to the human body when embarking on it. Since our daily basic food requirements is equivalent to 1,200 calories per day, when we undertake juice cleansing, our body system will adjust to the kind of food intake that we have introduced, such that the effect is a slowing down of the metabolism since there isn’t much calories for the body to burn, resulting further into weight loss. Because juice cleansing eliminates the intake of dairy, wheat, gluten and fermented foods in the diet, you will develop a new perspective of which food will cause problems with your body, as soon as you go back to your regular food intake; therefore, juice cleansing can let you know what ails your body.
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Normally, a big percentage of water in the body is locked up in the muscles with glycogen, and by juice cleansing, we lose much calories which result into this retained water to lose up and, thus, there is weight loss.
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When you are more into juice cleansing, the feeling of eating is temporarily eliminated and, instead, you will feel satiated with less food than usual, in which this effect helps in changing your eating behavior. There will be random bursts of energy, although on a short term basis, when you are into juice cleansing, such that you feel energized and this is due to functioning of carbohydrates and hydration. Because juice cleansing is basically a liquid diet intake, the effect is that you can easily get a quick vitamin and nutrient boost out of it. Because in juice cleansing, your get more of the vegetable nutrients, switching to a vegan diet allows the cells to work optimally to re-establish efficient internal messaging and manufacturing processes in the body. With juice cleansing a balance of bacteria presence in the stomach is effected, such that there is an increase of bacteria called Bacteroidetes, which helps to keep the body lean and a decrease in the bacteria Firmecutes, resulting to weight loss. It has been shown that through juice cleansing, there is an increase of the chemical plasma nitric oxide in the blood, such that an increase of it helps to relax the inner lining of the blood vessels, which results into increase of the blood flow, and, thus, reducing the stress in your heart, which in turn provides for an improved cardiovascular health. Juice cleansing provides the necessary antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals in the body, which are toxic, and, therefore, can help in fighting diseases, including cancer.