4 Shipping Services to Support Your Online Business

The digital age brings change that affects many aspects. One impact is that more and more people shop online. Many entrepreneurs who run online businesses or online shops prefer to use an outsourced service to deliver ordered goods to their customers rather than forming their own logistics division which costs more and human resources.

Speedy Parcel Handlers (SPH)

It is undeniable that SPH is a shipping service that is widely used by people. Even before online shopping sites exploded in the community. Through SPH you can send couriers interstate couriers Melbourne, especially between cities.

Various shipping services are offered to their customers sending goods that you sell to buyers in different cities. In addition, the SPH shipping office is easy to find, because SPH opens many branches of all cities in Australia. You can contact the SPH at the following telephone number: 1300 96 96 95.

So it is very important to choose a trusted shipping service that suits your business needs. That way it can benefit you and certainly increase customer satisfaction with the quality of service you provide.

Today, many e-commerce and online shops work with several freight forwarders to facilitate the distribution of goods to each of their customers. This article will review some shipping services that can help deliver goods to your customers.

Direct Delivery

The purpose of direct delivery is to send goods instantly so that the item can arrive at its destination in just a matter of hours. In addition, you can find out how long the item can reach the destination according to the distance.

This type of shipping can help you to deliver goods quickly so that your customers can receive the items ordered on the same day. This is an option to support your business and increase customer satisfaction.

Indirect Delivery

This type of shipment usually takes a little longer compared to direct shipping. Some logistics services provide services quickly, but at a slightly expensive price. In addition, the goods to be sent must be brought to the logistics service branch office to be prepared. There are also a number of shipping services offering pick-up service.

Most people use this type of indirect shipping to deliver goods between cities. This type of indirect delivery is usually used as a logistics standard for shipping goods in online shop and e-commerce businesses with delivery times of 2-3 days.

Grab Express

Grab is a Malaysian company that provides on-demand transportation services. Grab Express is one of the useful service features for sending goods using a motorcycle. Grab Express is a competitor of GO-SEND and is not inferior in terms of quality of delivery. This application can be an alternative when we do not want to bother delivering goods to the destination.

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