Do not choose the wrong tile, this is the type and advantages

When building a house, of course the quality must be considered. The selection of tiles is very important and must be precise from the shape of construction to the selection of materials. It aims to protect us and our families from the effects of natural conditions and various hazards.

If you choose the wrong tile and don’t know the right type of roof, it often results in leaking and can’t provide the temperature properly, it will interfere with comfort. Currently in Sydney Roof and Building Supplies there are so many types of tile available, tile prices also vary. In order not to be wrong in choosing the right tile for roof construction, here are the types of tile that are wiser before buying and don’t regret it later.

Asbestos tile

Asbestos tile is made from a combination of six natural silicate minerals. Roofing with this type of tile is widely used because the price is cheap and installation is easy. Because the weight of asbestos tile is quite light, it does not require a special recording construction.

The Advantages of Asbestos Tile

  • Low price.
  • Installation is quite easy.
  • It does not require much wood.

Weaknesses of Asbestos Tile

According to health experts, the use of asbestos tiles for the roof of the house is not good because it can cause disease. Why is that? because asbestos fibers in the form of particles are easily separated and flying, and if inhaled it can cause lung cancer.

Asphalt Tile

Asphalt tile is made from a mixture of asphalt and other chemicals. There are two types available, namely flat type asphalt tile resting on a multiplex attached to the frame and corrugated type.

The advantages of Asphalt tile

  • Lighter than concrete or ceramic tile.
  • It can be used with a slope of 22.5 degrees to 90 degrees.
  • Easy and practical installation.
  • Resistant to fire and resistant to wind pressure.
  • Has a choice of colors, coated with anti-mildew and anti-mildew coating.

Weakness Asphalt Tile

1. Prices are relatively more expensive.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is only used for certain parts. If you want natural lighting, then use a glass tile in the desired room.

The Advantages of Glass Tiles

  • Provide natural lighting
  • Glass has a modern impression, making it suitable for those of you who like modern and minimalist style homes.

The weakness of Glass Tile

  • Easily broken.
  • Excessive use will increase the temperature of the room below.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is made of ceramic but has experienced the process of finishing glazing. This tile is available in various colors and sizes. Its use is suitable for modern residential balcony roofs. The use rests on wood and concrete frames.

The Advantages of Ceramic Tiles

  • Durable and strong withstand the human load.
  • The color is long-lasting because it is processed by burning at 1100 degrees.

The Weakness of Ceramic Tiles

  • Accuracy is needed when mounting battens so that no leakage occurs in the house
  • A minimum slope of 30 degrees is required so that rainwater can flow perfectly.
  • Need to bolt during installation so that it is not loose and strong.

Metal Tile or Metal Tile

The shape of this type of tile is in the form of sheets similar to zinc. This type of tile is planted on a roof frame gordening beam using screws. The size of this type of tile varies, with a width of 60-120cm, thickness 0.3mm, and a length of 1.2-12m. Due to the lightweight of this tile, the installation requires a screw so that it is not easily carried by the wind.

The Advantages of Metal Tile

  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Saving material because of its wide size.
  • Coated with anti-rust material.
  • Using anti-breaking material, so it is safe from leakage.
  • Coated with anti-moss material, so you don’t need to worry about repainting which certainly requires additional costs.

Weakness Metal Tile

  • During the installation process must be neat, if not tidy it will reduce the beauty of your dwelling.

Clay Tile

The most widely used clay tile for the roof of the house. This tile is made of pressed and burned clay. The installation is mounted on a sloped roof. Clay tile applies interlocking and binding installation (Inter-Locking).

The Advantages of Clay Tile

  • The price is cheap.
  • Its weight is light, thus minimizing roof loads.
  • Has compressive strength, so that it can be stepped on.

Weakness Clay Tile

  • Accuracy is needed when mounting battens to prevent leakage.
  • Easy to be mossy or moldy, so it must be coated with paint or glaze.
  • The installation uses the zig-zag pattern of the inlock connection system.