Does Your Children Difficult to Understand the Lesson? Here are 3 Tips to Help Them


Some children do not like their school or subjects at school. Sometimes, they are not lazy to learn, because there is indeed a type of child having difficulty understanding the lesson. Some children who don’t even learn can absorb lessons from the teacher at school. Some children need more time to understand simple problems. Parents sometimes become emotional when accompanying children who have difficulty understanding the lesson. Not infrequently, parents let off snapping children occurs when helping children do their homework. Have you experienced this problem? Here are tips to help children who have difficulty understanding their lessons:

1. Change the learning method

Children always have their own uniqueness. Appropriate learning methods are often the key to the success of the learning process. Some children like the method of memorization, some more like everything about numbers, and there are also children who prefer to learn through the movie. For children who overact, then they just only learn while moving here and there. Appropriate handling at the British International School BangkokBrighton College is the right choice. An experienced teaching team from Brighton College has created a curriculum that reflects high academic standards and expectations for your children. Extra patience is needed to help difficult children understand the lesson in finding the right method. There are many tries and fails in that process. Don’t use snaps when helping children study. Instead, you need to make him laugh and be happy to help him remember pleasant memories created while studying with you. 

2. Don’t worry about re-evaluating learning methods

There is no failure in learning. It is precisely when we feel anything wrong with choosing a method of learning for children, there we also learn from the mistakes we made. If necessary, you can consult a professional psychologist to find the right learning method. Do not let, just because his father and mother got good academic grades in the past, then the child is definitely doing the same thing. Evaluating the learning method that you apply to a child who has difficulty understanding a lesson doesn’t mean that you fail. Precisely with that, you can know what methods are not suitable for them. The more you know, the easier to find another method.

3. Don’t set the target highly

Celebrate the slightest progress. Children who are valued in the process will have better emotional intelligence than those who only value the end result. A child who academically fails at school does not mean they’re not trying. There are other factors that make it fail and you must understand it. Children with ambitious parents tend to experience depression when they grow up. Therefore, you must understand that things that are needed by the child in your mindset do not mean the things they really need. There are quotes who said we will not mature the child. But your child will mature our personality as parents.