Fashion Mistakes that the Pros Always Notice

All of us make fashion mistakes, where we look back at an outfit with a feeling of regret. We are all guilty of trying trends that did not work out or holding onto garments for too long. 

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However, there are always things to learn from making mistakes in fashion, especially from the experts. Here is a list of the fashion mistakes that style pros always notice. 
Outdated Style Rules 
There is an overwhelming number of style rules that many feel they should follow, such as matching your bag with your shoes, or that older fashionistas cannot keep up with contemporary trends. However, by restricting your style options, you will miss out on a wide range of garments and style combinations.  

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Cloning Style 
Despite imitation being considered the sincerest method of flattery, most fashion mistakes occur when copying another individual’s style. Taking inspiration from influencers and peers is natural, but it is crucial you remain authentic to your own style.  
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Wearing Unsuitable Shoes 
You should avoid wearing shoes that you cannot walk in. Many fashion experts agree that nothing is more unfashionable than wobbling around in heels that you cannot stroll in, no matter how beautiful they look. 
Feeling uncomfortable in our clothes often makes us lose our confidence. There is nothing worse than failing to enjoy ourselves in our clothes, constantly having to adjusting ourselves or complaining of painful feet. 
Forgetting Accessories 
Fashion pros have long emphasised the need to accessorise. Accessories and jewellery are often the most vital part of your outfit and must not be forgotten.  
Many fashionistas stick with the everyday basic accessories; jewellery and scarves, hats or handbags can make outfits far more distinctive and exciting. 
Overdoing Designer Pieces 
Head-to-toe designer catwalk looks are best kept to the runway; they often don’t work well in real life. 
In today’s modern approach, fashion pros take the key elements of a look and incorporate them into their own wardrobe to create a current and striking outfit. 
Many style experts also notice when an individual throws on different designer, expensive pieces and expects them to work together to create a nice outfit. Instead, you should carefully select items that work well together and ignore the brand name or price tag. The designer shortcut rarely works. 

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