Five Colours Wedding Guests Should Avoid

It takes a bit of thought to choose the ideal wedding guest outfit, so plan ahead and check out the dress code. When you know whether you are going for a formal ensemble or something more casual, next you have to select the colour. Here are the colours to avoid on the big day.

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Wearing white at a wedding is never really acceptable unless you are the bride. The same applies to shades such as ecru, cream and ivory or anything off-white, as it is just too close to what the bride is wearing. According to Brides Magazine, it is not a good idea to wear white with a print, either.

If the invitation happens to specify that you should wear white, this is the only time it could be appropriate, but generally save whites for a different occasion.


Very light pastel shades are no better for a wedding guest to wear than white. Wedding guest dresses in shades such as lilac, mint or baby blue can have the appearance of white in bright light, so on a sunny day they can clash with the bride. They may also look white in the wedding photos, so avoid pale shades. If you are unsure about a pastel shade, take a photo of the outfit in the daylight to check it does not look white.

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Whilst bright colours can look great at weddings, they can be too bright. A neon shade such as shocking pink or bright orange can detract attention from the bride and groom in photographs and in real life, so consider toning it down a little. After all, you should not be the centre of attention on their big day.


Like neons, metallics are extremely eye-catching and can place you firmly in the spotlight. Whilst you may normally want to shimmer and shine on the dance floor, at a wedding the focus should be on the bride.

Bridesmaid Dress Colours

The last colour that wedding guests should avoid is anything too similar to the bridesmaids’ dresses. Check beforehand what they will be wearing and move away from that. Otherwise you may look as though you are aiming to find a place at the top table.

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