Function Types Of Cladding

Wall cladding or wall cladding is a material that is glued to the exterior walls of a building as the outermost layer.
In other words, cladding can be referred to as finishing the exterior walls of buildings, both for houses or buildings.
Initially, this exterior coating was often used in temperate regions such as on the Australian and European continents.
Cladding serves to protect the wall surface from weather damage.

However, now the cladding is not only limited to functioning as a protective outer wall of the building.
But there are also many other functions offered by cladding.

Wall Cladding Function

  • Main Structure Support

Cladding wall is made with a strong structure from the foundation under the building.
Thus, this layer also serves as a support for the main structure.

  • Energy Source

Developed countries on the European continent use a lot of cladding as a multifunctional construction material.
In addition to protecting, the cladding also functions as a unit that produces heat or electricity.
Therefore, many buildings in developed countries use special cladding materials.
For example, using metal materials to collect heat into the house or solar panels.

  • Aesthetic Value

In addition to its function to protect, the average person uses wall cladding to get an attractive aesthetic value.
In fact, the cladding has become a mandatory element in a minimalist-style house.
The house can appear more luxurious and classy by using the right cladding.

Types of Wall Cladding

Now there are more and more innovations in cladding materials and they have different functions.

Quoted from, the following are the types of wall cladding that are commonly used and their price ranges:

Lava Stone

Lava stone is the most widely used type of cladding in the world.
This material is durable enough to protect the building from heat and rain. Then, the type of rock that is most often used for cladding is granite.
This stone has a characteristic dark gray or black color.
The price of granite cladding is calculated per meter, you can check by yourself on buy lava stone cladding.


Wood material is able to give a different impression on the building of the house.
Wood cladding is widely applied to buildings with a “back to nature” or industrialist concept.
Although attractive in terms of appearance, wood cladding requires extra care.
The following is the price range of wood cladding:
• Dutch teak IDR 87,500 per square meter
• Mountain wood IDR 120,000 per square meter


There are two types of vinyl cladding on the market, namely mass-produced and custom vinyl.
The use of this type of cladding is very easy. Then, there are also many vinyl cladding models that you can choose from.
The price range for vinyl cladding per square meter is IDR 200,000.


The most common metal cladding is made of steel and aluminum.
The price of metal cladding depends on the type of metal used.
Because there are many types of metal materials available in the market.

Bali Stone

As the name suggests, this stone is usually used for temple building. This temple stone has a texture that does not stand out and has a blackish gray color. For more information about Bali Stone, this site might will help you bali stone cladding supplier.

Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)

EIFS is a type of cladding made of synthetic cement and is more widely used in non-residential buildings.
Advantages of Using Building Cladding
• Have a stronger building structure
• The building is less maintenance
• Can make variations in appearance using various types of cladding
• Serves to maintain room temperature for those of you who live in cold areas
• Provides a high aesthetic value

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