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Gift-giving comes naturally to some while others struggle to find a gift that won’t be returned the next day. One way a person can ensure that his gift will stand out is to get the recipient a customized gift created just for her. For musicians especially, many of their friends and relatives may want to get them gifts that recognize and honor their musical talents. However, it can be difficult to know what would make a great gift that the receiver will truly enjoy. Having a custom gift made allows the giver to offer something special that will be enjoyed because of its uniqueness and craftsmanship. The gift is something tailored to the recipient’s specific tastes and likes.

Add Custom Parts To A Customizable Instrument

If the person receiving the gift already has a particular instrument that can be customized, like a guitar, custom parts make great gifts. Quite a few musicians like to alter their instruments with unique-looking parts or high-end parts designed to increase function or create a better sound. For example, a technician could outfit a guitar with new high-end locking tuners, which keep the strings from slipping out of tune during play. A technician could also take out the stock pickups in an electric guitar and replace them with high-performance ones designed to create a particular sound or significantly reduce unwanted noise. Additionally, a gift-giver could also have the guitar outfitted with the musician’s favorite brand and type of strings or with expensive specialty strings that the musician may be unlikely to purchase himself.

Get An Instrument Custom Built

Besides having an instrument outfitted with nicer parts, giving a musician a custom-built instrument is sure to be a gift unlike any other she will receive. By having an instrument custom made or custom painted, the piece becomes a work of art that she will be able to enjoy on multiple levels. Most instruments don’t have custom designs or custom paint jobs, and hers will appear distinct. When she performs, she can enjoy the spotlight for the uniqueness of her instrument as well as her performance.

Other Unique Gift Ideas

If getting an instrument custom built or custom designed is unfeasible or cost-prohibitive, other custom designed gift options exist for musicians. People can buy custom-made guitar picks and custom-designed guitar straps too. Often they are available online, but some instrument stores carry such items as well. Another thing that would make a special gift is to have a custom book or collection of music created for the musician. A person could create his own custom book just by finding tabs or sheet music online. Many tabs are free, and a lot of sheet music is quite inexpensive, generally under $5 per song. The final step would be to put them together in a binder or book binding.

Maintenance As A Customized Gift

Another unique gift idea is to bring the musician’s instrument into a repair shop-with his permission, of course-and have routine maintenance work done. Just like cars, guitars and other instruments need a tune-up once in awhile. Many musicians, while they love to play, sometimes neglect the basic care of their instruments. Additionally, when someone brings a guitar or other instrument in for service, the service staff will clean it as well, allowing the musician to bring home a clean and well-functioning instrument.