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The gift-giving season is just around the corner. People are already earnestly compiling lists of the perfect present for friends, family and loved ones. It can be difficult to know what to get someone, but the choice is much easier when it comes to gun owners. Gift options abound for the 30 percent of adults who own firearms. Here are three gift groups to set your sights on.


Help the gun enthusiast in your life shoot in style. A durable pair of new shooting gloves is always appreciated, and earmuffs are a bullseye when it comes to gifts. New electronic models filter out loud noises while still allowing for conversations. Some are fitted with MP3 technology so shooters can listen to music during trips to the range.

Many gun owners prefer to carry firearms while on the go, and clothing created for concealed carry helps them do so in comfort and style. Specially designed pants, shirts, jackets and shorts are great gifts when it comes to concealed carry clothing for men and women.


Encourage responsible gun ownership with products designed to promote safety and security. Gun safes prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing firearms. Combination locks, fingerprint identification and other technology keeps guns out of the hands of curious children. Some safes are specifically designed for handguns and are small enough to be portable. Cable and trigger locks are other products that block a gun from being improperly fired.


Not every gift has to be serious. Bulletproof rocks glasses, shotgun shell coaster sets, bullet-shaped valve stems and six-shooter shot glasses are all fun yet practical presents. Gun-inspired art is another popular gift idea. Wall hangings of red, white and blue shells arranged like an American flag celebrate patriotism, while gun-patent art prints are ideal for displaying in man caves, game rooms and workshops.

Aim high when it comes to gift giving this year. Keep these gifts in mind for the gun enthusiasts in your life.


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