How Do Promotional Gifts Impact on Sales Growth?

Basically, promotional gifts are a form of advertising, a type of ad that has better profitability and follow-up (engagement) than other forms of ads. And here is why…

Promotional gifts are appreciated by most people, mainly because they are free. This leads to a positive association by the person who receives it with the company that has given them the object, and this association is good for your brand (this is what is called the law of reciprocity).

In addition, these objects are useful, which means that people will use them more than once or even on a regular basis. This has the potential to be a constant advertisement to potential customers.

So, what about sales?

Experts such as know that the biggest increase in sales derived from promotional gifts comes from this fact of repetition and the low investment value that it has. To increase sales effectively, it is recommended to use unique promotional gifts that are clearly related to your message and brand image.

This gives much more visibility and impacts customers more, and they will surely look at it much more than if it were a simple printed logo.

Now, we are going to compare the promotional gifts with other traditional forms of advertisements, in order to continue explaining their advantages.

Promotional gifts are better advertising than TV

TV ads are a very good tool to reach your audience, they are unique, visual and can be very funny, and can substantially increase your business sales.

The problem with television commercials is that you need a large amount of money and a broad audience because otherwise, the effectiveness is low.

Obviously, getting the amount of money needed to launch a television campaign is almost impossible for small or medium-sized companies.

It is also very difficult to segment the audience since it is very difficult to ensure what kind of people are watching the ads at specific times.

Finally, it is important to remember that many potential customers are not immediately impacted by a single advertisement, it is like a drop of water in an ocean, and the ads have to be repeated, repeated and repeated, and maintaining this constancy represents a high investment.

Promotional gifts are better than advertising on radio

Ads on the radio are also a good tool to get your business and brand known; however, it has the same problem as television, first it is difficult to segment the audience (although it could be better segmented than on television, being able to select stations from a specific area) and second, it is still a very expensive campaign to carry out.

Also, with radio advertising you typically have to buy ad packs, so you cannot limit the investment to the exact amount you might want.

In conclusion, it is significantly cheaper than television advertising, but the audience is smaller, and it still has the same limitations.

Promotional gifts are better advertising than the written press

The written press, such as magazines and newspapers, is a good option when it comes to segmenting a specific target audience and the brand can relate to the subject being treated. However, newspapers, even if they have a large volume of distribution and readers, do not allow such a wide segmentation and are not as effective as magazines.

Although magazines are more effective than newspapers, making a single advertisement is not effective since it does not last in the memory of the people who see it.

To be effective, it has to be repeated and depending on the magazine it can be extremely expensive (especially if you focus on an audience between 25 and 45 years old, which is where most advertisers want visibility).


Some forms of advertising such as TV, radio, and press are not always the most suitable for small and medium businesses. Using promotional gifts is a much more viable, economic and effective option to reach your customers. People appreciate much more a promotional gift than a TV ad or an advertisement a magazine, and they are twice as motivated to take action and buy the advertiser’s brand.

You can also easily adjust the investment, and repeat the campaigns based on the initial results.



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