How Online Shopping Is Safer Now Than Before

There has been a long-standing narrative about the safety and security of online shopping transactions. While this was a big issue during its inception, the security level in the e-commerce system years ago is no match for today’s encryptions.

Although the narrative about low-security level years ago was more fiction than fact, it has improved significantly. And the improved security level can only be due to the increased cyber fraudulent activities.

Without the consistent threats and some breakthrough by hackers, there might be no actual reason for improving. Is it safer to shop online today? Yes. The question remains, how has it become safer and what measures have been put in place to ensure its security.

In many ways, interlinked with one another, online shopping security has seen drastic improvement since its introduction; here are some ways shopping online has become safer.

Introduction of SSL Certification

An SSL(secure sockets layer) certificate is an encryption method used by all authentic online sellers and retailers dealing with credit or debit cards. This certificate’s introduction allows shoppers to tell whether an e-commerce store or website is safe before imputing their card details.

The SSL encryption helps prevent hackers from gaining access to your financial information – ensuring your data is safe and secure. An easy way to determine a website’s certification in two ways is by noticing the padlock icon present in the URL bar.

Read Reviews

Reading up reviews about e-commerce websites is one significant way online shopping has become a lot safer. For instance, if you read reviews about Walk London, you will get enlightened about their security services and other e-commerce benefits the store might offer.

Generally, looking up reviews about online brands places your shopping spree on a higher level than being ignorant. These review sites will state the kind of encryption used by these sites, the owner’s full details, and social media accounts.

Certificate Authentication

Legitimate e-commerce sites often have symbols or signs indicating their authenticity. Majorly, these symbols, signs, or marks come from well-trusted and accredited internet security bodies (McAfee, Trustwave, Norton).

However, some fraudulent websites go the extra mile to ensure they conjure these marks or symbols to deceive unsuspecting victims. For additional safety by these internet bodies, they have placed internal links on these symbols or marks. To check the authenticity, click on the symbols or marks, you will get redirected to any of these internet body sites.

Acceptance of Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the safest means of making online purchases. This happens because credit card companies can easily make refunds to any lost money due to fraud. With the inclusion of credit cards into online shopping, the safety level has greatly increased.

You can effortlessly separate the legitimate from the fraudulent website. Any website refusing to accept credit card payments should raise a red flag for you to be worried. Credit card companies rarely authorise fraudulent websites, meaning the safety of your online transactions has become better.


Undoubtedly, safety in the online sphere has seen tremendous improvement over the years, but many persons fail to notice these enhancements. The major reason there has been improved online shopping safety is due to an increased threat to customer’s card and financial security.

So, if you are one of the few persons still scared about shopping online, you might want to rethink your stance. Online shopping is better, safer, and more secure than one can even imagine.

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