How To Care For Vintage Gemstones & Jewellery


When you’ve invested in a beautiful antique piece of jewellery, it can be quite a thrill knowing that it’s all yours! Vintage and antique jewellery is a time-honoured piece of history and often has a varied and detailed past. This means that proper care and maintenance is vital to ensure that it lasts for many more years to come.


Without regular and proper care, your jewellery pieces may begin to lose their sparkle and, because these pieces span decades, it’s important to keep them in good condition so that stones don’t become loose, or metal becomes tarnished. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some tips on how to care for vintage jewellery.


Choose The Right Cleaning Product

When it comes to vintage jewellery and, particularly, gemstones, it’s important to remember that not every piece of jewellery should be treated the same. There are some different methods and procedures you should take into consideration based on the type of metal and gemstones used in your piece of vintage jewellery.


Based on the chemical composition of different metals, you may notice natural changes in the metal, for example, gold can darken over time. For gold and platinum, you can clean these metals with an ammonia and water solution, but be aware of any damage that may be caused if the solution is left on the metal for a prolonged period of time. Silver should use a gentler cleaning solution as it doesn’t have the same strength as gold or platinum. If you’re not sure about the best cleaning solution to use on your vintage jewellery pieces.


Regularly Check For Dust

Before you use any cleaning solution on your jewellery, it’s important to ensure that it is free from any dust or lint. Using a soft cloth or brush, gently remove any traces of dust from your jewellery as these can get trapped under gemstones or in the close of the jewellery and, in some cases, may scratch or mark your jewellery. Some dust and debris is invisible to the naked eye, so doing this regularly ensures that your jewellery pieces are kept in a good condition.


Keep Your Jewellery Dry

It’s important that with vintage jewellery pieces, particularly pieces that are worn daily such as vintage engagement rings or that have large gemstones, are kept dry. If any liquid is left on the jewellery piece, then this can cause damage to the jewellery. For antique and vintage jewellery, moisture can be one of the worst things that it can come into contact with, so avoid wearing jewellery pieces when in contact with water, such as showering or washing dishes.


If your jewellery piece does get wet, then it’s important to let it dry thoroughly before storing it away. Place the piece upside down on a dry, soft cloth so that any leftover moisture flows away from the jewellery with gravity. You want to avoid letting water linger in the setting of your jewellery, as this can cause long-term damage if left.







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