How to style a blazer

One can style a blazer by incorporating it into a formal look or letting it be the statement piece in your outfit. Additionally, with the right fanny pack, one can create a more casual-formal look when wearing a blazer. When shopping for a blazer, one can use w concept review section to help provide some insight when shopping. Additionally, this blog aims to provide some insight into the top trending blazers, how to make a blazer more casual and how to accessorize a blazer.  

Top 5 trending blazers of 2022 for women

Although one may not have a plethora of blazers within their closet if you want to upgrade your blazer selection, the following five blazers are coming into trend this year. Firstly is a unique choice which is corduroy blazers, they are especially perfect for winter. Secondly is a denim blazer. With denim being the most on-trend fabric this year, one can find it in many different styles and clothing items, namely a blazer. Thirdly is a long blazer. The length of these blazers ranges from ankle-length to mid-length. Lastly is a belted blazer. These blazers are perfect for helping define one’s waist and bring forth the female figure.

How to make a blazer more casual

While a blazer can be perfect for completing a formal outfit, one can also style a blazer to be more casual. Here are a few tips to transform your formal blazer to be more relaxed. First, to spice things up, consider wearing a t-shit under your blazer. One may think that these two might contradict each other. However, it does the complete opposite and often compliments one another. Furthermore, consider wearing shorts with a blazer. To ensure this unique paring flows, make sure that both the shorts’ length and the blazer’s length are proportionate.

How to style a blazer with jeans

When wearing a blazer and jeanscombo, it is essential to remember proportion. If you wear an oversized blazer, you will want your jeans to be more straight-legged. Additionally, with this combo, you may want to opt for a more feminine top or pair it with some cute boots to help bring in contrast and a feminine aesthetic. The contract will help make the outfit pop. Furthermore, to help complete the combo, pair it with an accessory such as earrings or a cute pear necklace. Lastly, make sure your blazer first correctly.

How to accessorize a blazer

If you want to change up your old blazer, here are afew ways to accessorize it to bring new formation and life to it. The first way is to add a belt. By adding a belt to a blazer, you can define your waist, which gives your blazer a more sophisticated and flattering look. Secondly, you can add a scarf to the outer pocket of your blazer. By adding a scarf, you create a sense of fun and creativity and bring forth a pop of color. Thirdly, try accessorizing with an embellishment or brooch for a more elevated and sophisticated style. Lastly, mix and match. Pair the belt with the brooch or with the scarf. Accessorizing is all about experimenting and seeing what goes with what.

With many blazers coming in and out of trend, one should opt to have a staple blazer that one can use to create more casual looks by pairing the blazer with a pair of jeans or a t-shit. Additionally, to help switch up and modernize one’s blazer, consider adding in a belt or a colorful scarf.


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