Mineral Makeup For a Lustrously Natural Glow

Cosmetic technology has made tremendous advances with the invention and use of various synthetic chemicals. These compounds claim to beautify and modify the skin to make it look smoother and younger. However, compounds such as parabens, DEA, TEA, propylene glycol, dioxanes and lauryl sulfates have side effects. They may cause allergic reactions, affect and interfere with the endocrine systems and may even be carcinogenic. On the other hand, mineral makeup consists of naturally occurring, neutral pH minerals without any adverse effects or reactions. Mixed in the right proportions and used the right way, fine minerals can impart a smooth, lustrous, glossy sheen to your appearance, minimizing wrinkles and actually make you look younger and stunning.

A woman looks naturally younger, vibrant and gorgeous when she uses makeup composed entirely of finely crushed minerals that give a natural appearance. Since the skin breathes, it feels comfortable for a long time. Makeup made up entirely of natural minerals feels better on the skin and imparts a healthy glow. If you wonder why some women look glowing and cool at the same time, the secret to such good looks lies in the makeup she uses.

Natural makeup composed of 100{84f145c676fe65688198c0d2c1a4784f1f8a2184cfee2ff3281d3df4621a1f5f} minerals also has some sun protection properties. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two common minerals that are neutral and have these properties. Since minerals used are neutral in pH and are time tested, they do not have to undergo extensive tests on animals. Makeup made up entirely of minerals is safe even for the most sensitive skin and is ideal for conditions like acne, post laser surgery skin and rosacea.

Women who want to look radiant and vibrant would do well to consider makeup based entirely on minerals. They acquire a more natural look whether they use a foundation, concealer, base or powder or even a mineral-based sunscreen. Minerals are relatively inexpensive compared to synthetic, organic chemicals used in cosmetics. Unlike these chemicals, minerals do not clog or block the pores of the skin and one can easily wash them off.

A quality maker of mineral makeup will offer an entire line comprising of foundation, concealers, finishes, blush, eye shadow, lipsticks and brushes to apply them for a uniquely perfect and glamorous look. This is now becoming a trend as more women find out the benefits of such safe, natural products, free of synthetic perfumes and dyes. Select a quality manufacturer of mineral makeup offering a complete line at the best prices for a positively luminous and flawlessly exquisite look.

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